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COVID-19 Update: New Interim Policies on Travel and Events

Sept. 21, 2020

Dear members of the SLU community,  

Saint Louis University has adopted two new interim University policies that formalize previously announced restrictions related to travel and events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Interim University Travel Policy and COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Guidance  

Under this new interim policy, which applies to all faculty, staff, students and trainees, all non-essential University-sponsored travel is suspended until further notice. This includes travel to attend or present at educational and professional conferences.  

The policy defines — in general terms — what qualifies as essential travel and outlines the processes to request approval of University-sponsored, domestic essential travel outside the St. Louis region.  

The policy also notes that student organizations and clubs are not permitted to travel at this time. Additionally, it encourages anyone who does travel to follow all public health protocols and self-monitor for symptoms upon return. 

Read the new Interim University Travel Policy on PolicyStat 

Interim University Events and Meetings Policy  

This interim policy, which also applies to all operating units with limited exceptions, seeks to limit the number of visitors and guests on campus, avoid large gatherings, and prioritize academic and mission-critical activities over other in-person meetings and events.  

Departments should continue to conduct meetings or events virtually whenever possible. Indoor meetings or events that involve more than 10 people are not permitted inside any University-owned facility, and departments are not allowed to secure off-campus indoor spaces for events with more than 10 people.  

The policy allows for limited exceptions and specifies an approval process for those. Any exceptions must ensure space for social distancing and compliance with all other required safeguards, including those in the Interim Face Mask Policy. They also must comply with the Interim University Classroom Space Prioritization Policy, which was adopted in June, and gives priority to classroom instruction over other events. Because of this, very few event spaces remain available on campus, and those that are available, have very limited social distancing capacity.  

Read the new Interim University Events and Meetings Policy on PolicyStat 

For student-facing activities, we also encourage you to review the Guidance for Student Activities, Meetings and Events released earlier this semester.  

These new interim policies and those that have preceded them were developed thoughtfully and collaboratively, with input from a variety of University stakeholders. Adhering to their requirements will help ensure the health and safety of all members of our SLU community.