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Compensation Philosophy  

In support of our mission, Saint Louis University is committed to designing and administering compensation programs that promote fairness, internal equity, and labor market competitiveness for the purposes of attracting, retaining and motivating employees.

A fair and equitable pay practice is an important objective of SLU’s compensation program. Internal equity ensures fair pay among current staff employees performing the same or similar work. External competitiveness focuses on pay compared to similar organizations (based on type, size, location, etc.) in the external labor market. SLU endeavors to find a balance between internal equity and external competitiveness, while also reinforcing a commitment to fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the University’s resources. Human Resources will regularly monitor internal equity and external competitiveness to ensure continued program effectiveness.

SLU’s compensation program is also designed to be adaptable to the evolving needs and challenges of the University. SLU is committed to providing open, clear and transparent communication and education that facilitates staff employee understanding of the compensation program.