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SLU EXPeriential Learning Program

Saint Louis University wants to give talented students like you a head start, at no cost to you. Enroll in our EXPeriential Learning Program, in which you can earn Excelerate digital badges and become eligible for limited micro-scholarships at SLU.  Participate in EXP’s career skill-building programs, power skills courses, events and competitions. Build your résumé and prepare for your career as you learn why SLU is right for you.

We Cannot Wait to See All You Learn and Accomplish as You Start Shaping Your Future.

With SLU EXP, you can explore any of the following opportunities:

Skill-Building Global Case Studies

Join an international team of students to solve real-world challenges from a variety of professional fields.  Present your team’s solutions to earn Excelerate digital badges and micro-scholarships at SLU.

Non-Credit Skill Development Courses

EXP trainers offer short, four-week, non-credit courses developing career essentials and key life skills.


Put your knowledge to the test in global competitions to win SLU micro-scholarships and Excelerate digital badges.


Short workshops address leadership, entrepreneurship, building your LinkedIn presence, and more.

Your Journey

Step 1

Create your account on Excelerate.


Step 2

Participate in experiential learning opportunities of your choice.


Step 3

Complete the opportunities and earn SLU micro-scholarships.


Step 4

Enroll at SLU and apply your earned EXP scholarships (per limits) to lower your SLU tuition after your first year here.

Sign Up Through Excelerate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in SLU EXP?

All current and prospective SLU undergraduate students may participate in SLU EXP. Graduate students enrolled in any of SLU's two-year master’s degree programs associated with our “Global Graduate” initiative, as well as prospective students interested in those programs at SLU, may also participate.

How can I start participating in SLU EXP?

To sign up for SLU EXP experiences, you must create an account on the Excelerate platform. Once your account is created, you can access all SLU-eligible EXP opportunities.

What are “Skill-Building Global Case Studies”?

An EXP team leader will work with a team of students to address real-world challenges faced by businesses, technology firms, and health care organizations. Teams collaborate on solutions and present their proposals.

Is there any time zone requirement for these opportunities?

EXP opportunities enable you to work with students from around the world. Your EXP team leader will help your group determine the collaboration times that work best for the group. Typically there will be asynchronous/independent work, as well as some synchronous weekly assignments and check-in meetings.

Do I have to pay to participate in these opportunities?

No. Participation in all EXP opportunities is completely free.

How many SLU scholarships, and how much scholarship money, can I earn?

Although there is no limit to the number of EXP opportunities you can participate in, there are limits on the amount of EXP-related scholarships that you can apply to your SLU education, as well as when you can apply them. Scholarships are only redeemable in select graduate programs at SLU. We are revising our scholarship guide and will post more details shortly.