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Appealing a Decision

Students are afforded the right to appeal various decisions including Interim Suspensions and Community Standards outcomes.

Appeals for "non-suspendable" offenses are reviewed by the Community Standards Appeal Board (CSAB). The appeal board is made up of SLU students who will decide upon the final determination, unless school is not in session, in which case, appeals may be heard by a University Appeal Board. Appeals for "suspendable" offenses are heard by a University Appeal Board (UAB), which consists of a panel of faculty and staff. The director of the Office of Student Responsibility, or designee, is responsible for determining whether a violation is "suspendable" or "non-suspendable."

Students and Student organizations may appeal decisions made by a hearing officer or a hearing panel. Students must appeal by the date provided in their outcome letter. The grounds for appeal may only be based on the following:

  1. There was a material deviation from the procedures outlined in the Community Standards that would significantly impact the outcome of the case or may have resulted in a different finding;
  2. New or relevant information, not available at the time of the hearing, has arisen that would significantly impact the outcome of the case. 

The CSAB or UAB will review the request for appeal to determine the validity of the request in accordance with the criteria described above. If the appeal is determined to be valid, the CSAB or the UAB will review the original hearing process and the materials provided therein (incident reports, notification and outcome letters, appeal requests, case notes). The CSAB or the UAB will then issue a determination which may:

  • Affirm the hearing officer's or the hearing panel's decision
  • Remand or refer the case back to a hearing officer for a new hearing
  • Change or amend any sanctions or outcomes
  • Overturn the hearing officer's or hearing panel's findings and sanctions

Appeal a Decision