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Saint Louis University Esports

Saint Louis University’s varsity esports program has recently become one of the strongest in the nation. Beginning as one of the largest student-run clubs on campus, SLU Esports quickly rose through the ranks to become a household name in collegiate esports.

Getting Involved in Esports at SLU

Varsity members of SLU’s esports program are high ranking players in selected games, recruited by the program’s director Nicholas Chiu. Scholarships are available for varsity players, awarded through SLU’s Division of Student Development. SLU currently offers scholarships for League of Legends. All players have a Grandmaster+ average ranking or have previously played professionally. The team currently has five starting members:

League of Legends 2021-22 Player Profiles

Sunwoo Jung (Cozy)

Freshman, Computer Information Systems
Role: Top Lane
Previous Experience:

  • Season 11 Challenger
  • Proving Grounds 2021 Qualifier
Mathieu Breton (Matty)

Freshman, Computer Information Systems
Role: Jungle
Previous Experience:

  • Season 11 Challenger
  • Proving Grounds 2021 Qualifier
Seungmin Lee (Strompest)

Freshman, Computer Information Systems
Role: Mid Lane
Previous Experience:

  • Season 4-11 Challenger
  • 2016 Scouting Grounds Attendee
  • 2018 Scouting Grounds Attendee
  • 2021 Scouting Grounds “Best Team Fighting Award”
  • Proving Grounds 2021 Qualifier
William Lee (Doxa)

Sophomore, Project Management
Role: ADC
Previous Experience:

  • Season 10 Challenger
  • 2020 College League of Legends Champion
Christopher Fong (Teesum )

Graduate Student, Analytics
Role: Support
Previous Experience:

  • Season 7-10 Challenger
  • 2020 ASU GSV Summit Champion
  • 2017 Scouting Grounds Attendee

The program also offers participation opportunities in intramural and club teams. SLU's club esports team, founded in 2017, will continue for students interested in competing at that level. Club esports offers several games other than League of Legends, including Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros, Valorant, Pokemon Unite and more.

Check out the team's matches on Twitch:

Having trouble viewing this feed? Watch it directly on Twitch at

Saint Louis University Esports Facilities

The esports program has its own dedicated esports lab located on the ground floor of the Busch Student Center. Varsity players use the space to practice, play matches and review games on one of the 12 computer gaming stations. Student club members are able book times to play games with their peers on one of the three large TV console stations in the lab. Club bookings can be made by contacting the club program eboard listed on SLU Groups.

Esports Lab in the BSC
SLU's  Esports Gaming Lab features 12 stations for computer gaming and three large TV monitors.

Contact SLU's Esports Program

For more information about SLU’s varsity collegiate esports program, email Chiu at Students can also join SLU’s esports group on Discord.