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Chemistry Professor Receives NSF Grant

Istvan Kiss, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Chemistry, received a National Science Foundation grant to add an international dimension to his research activities. 

Istvan Kiss
Istvan Kiss, Ph.D.

The grant will support two of his graduate students, Yifan Liu and Michael Sebek, who will visit the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in spring and summer of 2017, and work with Elbert Macau, Ph.D., professor at the INPE, to explore how advanced data processing techniques can be applied to better understand the workings of electrochemical devices.

In addition, a Brazilian student will come to Saint Louis University during the same time period.

“Complex systems approaches, with advanced mathematical techniques, are required to design better electrochemical devices, like batteries and sensors,” Kiss said. “The collaboration will use techniques developed, for example, for weather prediction and satellite control, to chemical reactions.” 

The exchange visit will further strengthen the efforts of the Department of Chemistry of not just training professionals but also forming ‘global citizens.'

Learn more about Kiss and his work by watching the video below: