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Online Nursing Program Earns National Honors

SLU was ranked No. 35 in the nation on the newly released 2017 Best Online Nursing Programs list by U.S. News & World Report.

Online nursing program

SLU's online registered nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offers all the quality of a Saint Louis University nursing education with the resources and flexibility working RNs require.

 U.S. News ranked more than 100 program across the country. SLU has the region’s highest rated online nursing program. About 90 percent of the University’s graduate nursing students are distance learners in the Master of Science for Nurse Practitioners, Ph.D. and Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs. SLU also offers an online RN to BSN degree.

The nursing school has added campus touch-point opportunities for its online graduate students, which differentiates SLU’s online education and helps students forge stronger connections with SLU, said Teri Murray, Ph.D., dean of SLU’s nursing school.

For instance, earlier this week, nurse practitioner master’s students from 18 states attended an orientation session on campus. And during their residencies, hands-on clinical skills that students practice with community preceptors where they live are assessed at SLU.

“Because they attend some campus sessions, our distance-based students feel very much a part of SLU. It gives them the physical presence of the University and time to meet personally with faculty. They have a better understanding of the online program and the work that is required,” Murray said.

Online students are offered the same support services as campus-based students, such as counseling, which also adds to their success.

“The faculty support and contact, and access to additional services that are uncommon in online education ensures students are success. And we can’t stress enough the rigor and strength of the curriculum,” Murray added.

The online program is flexible and makes it convenient for nursing students, many of whom work, to continue their education, Murray said.

“The beauty of online education is you can do it anywhere, anytime. Students are not confined by time or geography. They can do their coursework at 2 a.m. in their pajamas. At the same time, students are as engaged during discussions as they would be in a traditional classroom. It’s a great option for working professionals.”

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