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SLU Inks New Agreement with QNDX to Explore Quantum Computing


ST. LOUIS – Saint Louis University has signed an agreement with QuantumNextDX, LLC (QNDX), an emerging quantum computing company, establishing a new relationship that will allow SLU to collaborate with QNDX to develop resources and advance research in quantum computing.

The agreement comes at a time when scientists around the world are seeking to unlock the possibilities in quantum science. Experts predict that advances in quantum technology could allow engineers to design super computers that can rapidly solve questions around health, climate change, cyber security and artificial intelligence, among many others.

“Quantum computing holds so much promise and we are excited to collaborate with QNDX,” said SLU Provost Michael Lewis, Ph.D. “This partnership will allow us to bring together leading experts in healthcare, technology, and geospatial science to solve some of the most pressing issues facing our community and the world.”

Scientists hope the agreement will propel advanced breakthroughs in science and technology, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence and utilizing QNDX's cutting-edge technology to develop advanced quantum computing.

"We are thrilled to work with Saint Louis University in this exciting initiative,” said Jerome V. Dwyer, M.D., MBA, CEO and President of QNDX. “We firmly hold the belief that our quantum computer, coupled with innovative software and algorithms, is positioned to reach the zenith of quantum system milestones. This advancement is set to bring about a profound and wide-reaching transformation across various sectors, including medicine, materials science, and finance.”

Gregory Triplett, Ph.D., dean of SLU’s School of Science and Engineering (SSE), notes that the school’s vision statement aims to “Prepare effective leaders in the science, engineering and aviation disciplines of the 21st century by providing industry-relevant academic programs featuring fully integrated technical, liberal and experiential education based in Catholic, Jesuit values.”

“The pursuit of quantum technology is certainly in keeping with our vision,” Triplett said. “Technology holds so much promise to solve some of our most pressing questions and issues in healthcare, science and the environment. I look forward with great anticipation to seeing how this partnership will advance our progress in solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges.”

Saint Louis University

Founded in 1818, Saint Louis University is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic institutions. Rooted in Jesuit values and its pioneering history as the first university west of the Mississippi River, SLU offers more than 15,200 students a rigorous, transformative education of the whole person. At the core of the University’s diverse community of scholars is SLU’s service-focused mission, which challenges and prepares students to make the world a better, more just place.


QuantumNextDX (QNDX) is primed to actively engage with diverse partners, encompassing hospital systems, government agencies, and a spectrum of industries and startups. Leveraging its global network, the organization is determined to catalyze solutions on a worldwide scale, ultimately fostering swifter innovations, optimized operations, and superior products.