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Saint Louis University To Offer Free Psychological Assessments for St. Louis City Residents

by Jacob Born
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Jacob Born
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Saint Louis University’s Psychological Services Center, in partnership with the St. Louis Mental Health Board, will begin offering free psychological assessments for St. Louis city residents on a first come, first serve basis beginning on July 1.

An empty waiting room inside of the PSC.

The newly-renovated Psychological Services Center at Saint Louis University, in partnership with the St. Louis Mental Health Board, is offering free psychological assessments to St. Louis city residents starting on July 1. Photo provided by Laura Burch. 

“Depending on where people go, most psychological assessments run between $1,000 to $4,000, and for people who cannot afford that really hefty cost, it can be difficult to get the diagnosis that they need,” said Laura Burch, Ph.D., Clinical Director for the Psychological Services Center. “This funding from the Mental Health Board is going to significantly open up access to services for those residing in St. Louis City who might not otherwise afford it.”

Each psychological assessment is a multi-step process that can help determine various cognitive, educational, emotional, and behavioral difficulties for children and adults, which can result in diagnoses of anxiety, depression, learning disorders, ADHD, or other issues. A full list of the issues evaluated and treated by the Psychological Services Center can be found here

Following the assessment, clients will receive recommendations tailored to their specific needs. For those who may benefit from therapy, the Psychological Services Center offers therapy services on a sliding scale basis, or they can provide referrals elsewhere. SLU’s Psychological Services Center can serve patients from age four through older adulthood, setting up patients for a lifetime of learning and growth. 

“Gaining access to mental health evaluations will lead to a healthier St. Louis,” Burch said. “When someone has a diagnosis that is clear and accurate, they are able to access help much earlier, which we know leads to better long term outcomes. Supporting mental wellness really has a lifelong effect.” 

Through increased access, Burch hopes to continue reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages anyone who feels they may need help to seek it. 

“If you think you might have something going on, give us a call,” Burch said. “If we aren’t the right fit for you, we’ll be forthright with that. We really want to serve in line with the mission of SLU. We want to serve the individual, especially the underserved individual. Ruling out a diagnosis is just as important as finding your diagnosis, and we want to help in whatever way we can. Even if you’re not sure if you need an assessment, having more information and making more informed decisions is important. Your wellbeing always comes first.”  

Founded in the Jesuit tradition of service and compassion for others, SLU’s Psychological Services Center provides professional, affordable, and quality psychological services to the community. Doctoral students in clinical psychology provide services under the supervision of licensed clinical psychology faculty and provide these services with the latest knowledge on effective evaluation and assessment practices and treatment interventions. 

Funding for these assessments comes from the Community Children’s Services Fund and the Community Mental Health Fund. Each psychological assessment will require zero payment from patients who live in St. Louis city. To receive more information about a psychological assessment, including scheduling an initial intake phone call, contact the Psychological Services Center at 314-977-2278.