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Fall 2016 Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition Winners Announced

The Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gateway Workforce Enhancement Program concluded the second annual Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition on Thursday, Nov. 3. There were 12 teams from four universities: Saint Louis University, Washington University in St. Louis, Maryville University and the Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health in St. Louis.

The professions represented by the students included clinical psychology, dentistry, medical family therapy, medicine, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, physical therapy, social work and speech/language pathology.

The competition was divided into three groups of four teams. The students collaborated with three to five health professions students and a faculty mentor on a geriatric-based case, which focused on creation of a discharge care plan for an older patient with multiple, chronic health challenges. The students then created and offered an innovative 20-minute electronic case presentation.

Coaches and judges for each group included faculty from physical therapy, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, social work, medicine, psychology and pharmacy.

The students enjoyed the experience and said they would recommend the competition to others. The interprofessional aspect was a highlight for everyone involved.

In the evaluations completed after the event one student wrote, “It was interesting starting out because we all had different ideas on the patient, but as time progressed, we saw that all of our goals were the same. We just had different routes to get to the solution.” And from another, “I also appreciated working with students from another university.”

A first and second place was awarded to teams in each group. This year’s winners are:

Group One:

1st: Annie Sescleifer, medicine, SLU
Caroline Usher, speech/language pathology, SLU
Lauren Wilson, medical family therapy, SLU

2nd: Erin Adams, medicine, SLU
Andrea Bixby, physical therapy, SLU
Britney Burkart, social work, SLU
Faith Stagge, speech/language pathology, SLU
Matthew Wynn, clinical psychology, Washington University in St. Louis

Group Two:

1st: Andrew Bennett, speech/language pathology, SLU
Kristin McDaniel, medical family therapy, SLU
Adam Reinagel, medicine, SLU
Michelle Waggoner, physical therapy, SLU

2nd: Anne O’Brien, speech/language pathology, SLU
Elise Rohan, physical therapy, SLU
Scott Williams, medicine, SLU

Group Three:

1st: David Hatch, dentistry, Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health
Daphne Lui, nursing, SLU
Morgan Ponder, social work, SLU
Laken Raithel, physical therapy, SLU

2nd: Kate Brown, nursing, SLU
Katie Cammack, speech/language pathology, SLU
Meghan McDarby, clinical psychology, Washington University in St. Louis
Francesca Vacca, medicine, SLU