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Facilities Management Issues Holiday Shutdown Reminders

As the University’s winter break closure approaches, Facilities Management has put together a list of recommendations to help conserve energy and to prevent unwanted surprises when SLU’s staff and faculty members return to campus in the new year.

For offices:

  • Close and latch windows.
  • Remove food or trash from the office
  • Unplug miscellaneous equipment; radios, chargers, space heaters and power strips.
  • Power down computers, copiers and printers.
  • Lower temperature set points or thermostat settings to achieve a temperature around 65 degrees.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Close and Lock the door.

Kitchens or Break Rooms:

  • Unplug coffee machines.
  • Remove trash or food from the room
  • Empty and defrost break room refrigerators.
  • Turn off the lights.

For laboratories:

  • Ensure fume hood sashes are properly lowered.
  • Deactivate unused equipment.
  • Close or turn off the valves on unused gas cylinders.
  • Ensure all tanks and gas cylinders are properly strapped and stored.

All members are the SLU community are encouraged to update their emergency contact information for the new year as well.

Facilities Management will have staff members on campus during the break but each individual contribution to helping SLU remain a safe work environment is appreciated.

If assistance is required, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 314-977-3000.