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More than 200 Members of the SLU Community to Participate in Workday Testing

Saint Louis University’s implementation of Workday will involve extensive testing. Individuals at all levels – from functional experts (HR/Payroll staff) to end-users (business managers, faculty and staff) – will be engaged in rigorous testing to ensure that when Workday goes live it’s ready to meet the SLU community’s needs.

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The initial testing phase will focus on HR and Payroll business processes, which go live in January. This first testing phase will last 17 weeks. 

Below is a list of testing taking place as SLU continues the journey to Workday. 

End-to-End (E2E) Testing 

End-to-End testing ensures day-to-day activities and tasks perform as expected across all HR/Payroll business processes. This testing involves 150 users and will be completed by the end of August. 

Payroll Parallel Testing 

During the parallel testing phase, Human Resources will run test payroll in Workday at the same time as actual payroll is distributed through Banner. The plan is to test three pay cycles to make sure this part of Workday is functioning as expected. The first official payroll disbursement from Workday will be in January. 

User Experience Testing (UET) 

During User Experience Testing in October, 100 end-users will test drive the system to ensure day-to-day activities and tasks perform as expected. They will also provide feedback on training materials and help resources embedded in Workday. 

For more information about the Workday project, visit workday@slu or contact Jackie Manikam, Workday Project Manager.