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Influenza Vaccine Study Seeks Volunteers


The Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development is seeking volunteers for an influenza vaccine study.

Study Purpose

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate the safety of an investigational flu M2SR vaccine and the body’s immune response after receipt of the both the investigational and licensed flu vaccine.

Influenza continues to be a major threat to human health.  Every year, thousands of persons in the US die from complications of influenza infection.  Effective vaccines have been available for the past 50 years, and are currently recommended to be given annually due to the change in the types of flu that circulate over time. 

Vaccination is currently the most effective way of controlling flu and preventing its illness and complications. Vaccines can help prevent illness by causing the body to make antibodies that fight infection.

If a person is exposed to the flu virus after receiving the flu shot, the antibodies can help to protect them by fighting off the flu virus.  As a result, a person may not get sick at all or may have a much shorter or milder illness.

Participation Guidelines

For more information about the study, contact the Vaccine Center, call 314-977-6333 or 1-866-410-6333 (toll free), or visit the center’s website.

The study’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol number is #29081 and it was approved on May 1, 2018.

Information about parental consent and other participant requirements is available.

Daniel Hoft, M.D., Ph.D., is the study’s supervising faculty member.