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SLU Research Announces Big Idea Planning Grant Winners


SLU’s Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) and the Research Growth Committee have announced the winners of the latest round of the Big Ideas competition.

The multi-year competition offers increasing levels of investment for projects that demonstrate broad faculty engagement, strong leadership and compelling research plans.

The goal of the Big Ideas competition is to identify and invest in programs that will establish the University as a leading destination for research, training and innovation in a given topic or area. The second round has now closed, and two proposals were selected to receive planning grants:

2019 Big Ideas Planning Grant Winners

Planning for a SLU Center for Global Jesuit Studies

Leadership Team:

  • Paul Lynch (English)
  • Kate Moran (American Studies)
  • Filippo Marsili (History)
  • Hal Parker (History)
  • Randall Rosenberg (Theological Studies)
  • David Suwalsky (Office of Mission and Ministry)
AI @ SLU / SmartECHO

The Research Growth Committee saw an opportunity for a combined effort for Artificial Intelligence at SLU in two proposals.  “AI@SLU” and “SmartECHO” will work together to strengthen the university’s capability for artificial intelligence.

“AI@SLU” Leadership Team:

  • Mamoun Benmamoun (International Business)
  • Michael Goldwasser (Computer Science)
  • Srikanth Gururajan (School of Engineering)

“SmartECHO-Intelligent Echocardiography to Solve the Quality and Workflow Demands of the Future” Leadership Team:

  • Steven C. Smart (Center for Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care)
  • Flavio Esposito (Computer Science)

Additionally, the following proposals received enthusiastic endorsements from the Research Growth Committee. With continued support from the Committee, the leadership teams will continue to develop their ideas in the coming months.

Cancer Prevention and Targeted Therapy

Leadership Team:

  • Ratna B. Ray (Pathology)
  • Adrian Di Bisceglie (Internal Medicine)
  • Ranjit Ray (Infectious Diseases)
  • Jacki Kornbluth (Pathology)
SLU Poll

Leadership Team:

  • Steven Rogers (Political Science)
  • Dyan McGuire (Criminology & Criminal Justice)
  • Kenneth Warren (Political Science)
OTR & Human Biospecimen Facility 

Submit RGF proposals for equipment.

Leadership Team:

  • Grant Kolar (Pathology and Ophthalmology)
  • Scott Isbell (Pathology and Pediatrics)
21st Century Humanities

Leadership Team:

  • Peter Martens (Theological Studies)
  • Hal Parker (History)
  • Scott Ragland (Philosophy)
  • Doug Williams (Law)

These proposals join the 12 that were selected for investment and endorsement in the first round of the competition, which closed in April 2018. Information on these 12 proposals, as well as on the Big Ideas competition overall, can be found here.