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SLU Center for Vaccine Development Conducting Influenza Challenge Study


This research study aims to understand what happens when a person is infected with influenza (“flu”) and how the body controls the infection. To do this, researchers will infect healthy participants (“challenge”) with a strain of the flu, and follow them to see what symptoms occur and when they occur.


It is expected that your participation will last about 4 months, including screening. Involvement includes: 


Participants will be compensated for their time and participation in this study. Participants will be paid $75 for each required clinic visit (4), $300 for each inpatient visit (10), and $10 for each phone call (1). Total is up to $3,310 for completing all planned study visits.

Participation Requirements

To participate, candidates must be 18 to 49 years old and healthy. To discuss volunteering, please contact a nurse at: 

Refer to study IRB # 30552