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See Which Processes Are Moving When Workday Launches in January

With about 90 days until Workday@SLU goes live for HR-related processes at the University, the project team wants to make the SLU community aware of where common tasks will be completed after the new system launches Jan. 1, 2020.

Finance/business processes move to Workday on July 1, 2020.  Work to build the system is underway and testing will be done in January. Look for more information next spring about business processes that will move when Workday Finance launches.

As communicated previously, academic-related processes will not move in 2020. Workday Student has been licensed for 2021, and the current plan is to begin implementation in 2021 or 2022.

Below is an overview of where you will complete a variety of tasks beginning in January 2020, when Workday@SLU launches for HR activities. Note: These charts do not reflect all processes/systems at the University. 

HR Processes

Process Location Today Location Jan. 1, 2020
Leave balances and time reporting Banner Self-Service Workday
2020 pay information (deductions, direct deposit) Banner Self-Service Workday
Benefits enrollment and eligibility Banner Self-Service Workday
Personal info (marital status, SSN) Banner Self-Service Workday
Payroll tax forms  (W-4s, state withholding) Banner Self-Service Workday
Pay stubs, W-2s, 1095s from 2019 and before Banner Self-Service Banner Self-Service
Recruiting and hiring PeopleAdmin Workday
Job promotions PeopleAdmin Workday
Job descriptions PeopleAdmin Workday
Adjunct MOAs and Graduate Assistant EGARs Banner Self-Service Workday
Peer-to-Peer Feedback SLU Sparks Workday
Performance Self-Evaluations Paper Workday
Performance Evaluations Banner UOPE Workday

Finance Processes

Process Location Today Location Jan. 1, 2020
Purchase requisitions/orders Billiken Buy Billiken Buy
Travel/expense reports Concur Concur
PCard reconciliation Amex Reconciliation Tool Amex Reconciliation Tool
Department deposits Touchnet Touchnet
Direct pay vouchers (eSeePay) Banner Self-Service Banner Self-Service
Inter-departmental orders (eSeeIDO) Banner Self-Service Banner Self-Service

Academic Processes

Process Location Today Location Jan. 1, 2020
Student registration Banner Self-Service Banner Self-Service
Student records Banner Self-Service Banner Self-Service
Course section maintenance CourseLeaf CLSS CourseLeaf CLSS
Faculty course grading Banner Self-Service Banner Self-Service
Course materials Blackboard/Canvas Blackboard/Canvas
Faculty scholarly activities Faculty 180 Faculty 180
Advising notes EAB Navigate EAB Navigate

Other Processes

Process Location Today Location Jan. 1, 2020
Event scheduling 25 Live 25 Live
Surveys Qualtrix Qualtrix

For more information about the Workday project, visit Contact Jackie Manikam, Workday program manager, for any questions regarding Workday or if you have questions about activities not outlined above.