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Student Mail Services Announces Fall Semester Changes


Student Mail Services is making some changes this semester to allow SLU students to utilize its on-campus services while protecting the campus community from the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What’s New This Semester

Mailroom Appointments
  • In order to manage the mailroom's capacity, Student Mail Services will require that appointments must be made to come into the mailroom. Only those with an appointment will be allowed to enter the mailroom, starting Wednesday, Aug. 12.
  • Student Mail Services is utilizing Appointy to manage mailroom appointments.

Book Your Mailroom Appointment Now

  • A link to the system will also be available on the Student Mail Services webpage, and when you receive a package notification, there will be a link to the system included as well.
  • No other students will be allowed into the mailroom other than the one with the appointment. If you have a large package that needs multiple people to manage its pickup, the others will be asked to wait outside.
  • Dollies will be available for sign-out (for up to an hour; if not returned there will be a $100 fee), and Students Mail Services workers will bring it out to you.
Letter Mail and Mailboxes
  • Letter mail will be the same as usual, with you using your provided key to open your mailbox.
  • New incoming students will receive their key and MSC number from the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
  • For packages, Student Mail Services is running two systems simultaneously: a locker system and mailroom package pick-up.
Locker System Details
  • Student Mail Services will be utilizing its locker system as much as possible in order to cut down on in-person contact. However, due to the limited number of lockers available, its workers will also be checking in and out other packages as has been done in the past.
  • If your package notification says it is in a locker, you will go to Student Mail Services’ locker system (large blue set of lockers in the hallway next to the mailboxes on the first floor of the Busch Student Center (BSC)).
  • You will follow the directions provided in the e-mail you receive and on the touchscreen on the lockers themselves. The e-mail will include a one-time four-digit code that you will use to open the locker that your package is in.
  • You will have two days to pick up your package, and you do not need to make an appointment to pick up packages from the lockers. You can also pick up from the lockers even when the mailroom is not open.
Mailroom Package Pick-Up
  • If your package notification says it is in the mailroom, you will make an appointment through Appointy to pick it up from the mailroom.
  • If you have multiple packages, please make an appointment, and pick up all of them at once instead of making multiple appointments. This allows the mailroom staff to help as many students as possible.
  • Do not make a pick-up appointment until you have gotten a package notification.
  • In addition, Student Mail Services is requesting that students only have essential packages sent to SLU, as the mailroom’s storage capacity and number of pick-up appointments are limited. 
Mailing Services
  • For the foreseeable future, Student Mail Services will only accept pre-paid packages that are U.S. Postal Service (USPS), as those are the only packages the mailroom is able to scan. If you have a USPS pre-paid package to send out, you can make an appointment to complete processing it at the mailroom in Appointy.
  • If your pre-paid package is another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc), bring them to a store that is able to scan them (a UPS store, a FedEx drop-off, etc.).
  • There is a FedEx drop-off location on the first floor of DuBourg Hall.
Mailbox Rental Policy – Off-Campus Students
  • In order to best provide services to students who are living on campus, Student Mail Services has made the decision to end its mailbox rental policy to off-campus students. Unless you are a student who is living on campus or are a staff member who is utilizing its services, off-campus mailbox renters should return their mailbox keys as soon as possible to allow Student Mail Services to close the boxes by Tuesday, Sept. 1.
  • With the mailbox closures in mind, Student Mail Services advises that all mail, including ballots, be addressed to the place where you reside, not the now-closed on-campus mailbox.
  • After Sept. 1, mail will no longer be received at your MSC number if you previously rented a mailbox and live off-campus.
  • If you do not turn in your key/close your mailbox by Tuesday, Sept. 1, a hold may be placed on your account.
  • A mailbox key drop-off station is located in the hallway outside the mailroom. If you go one door to the right of the mailroom’s main entrance, there is another hallway and a blue dropbox Student Mail Services will be using for key drop-off. Please fill out the form as noted at the station.
  • If you need to close your mailbox but do not have your key, fill out the form referenced above.
  • If you are away from campus, you can also mail your key to Student Mail Services to return it. If mailing a key, please send the key (if you have it) as well as a paper noting your full name, Banner ID, MSC (mailbox) number and (optionally) a forwarding address, to the address below:

Student Mail Services

c/o Meagan Barbeau

20 N Grand Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63103

For questions or more information, call 314-977-1128 or email the mailroom.