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New Internal Career Site Launches Through Workday


With the launch of Workday Human Resources on on Wednesday, Jan. 1, came a new tool for employees at Saint Louis University: an internal career site.

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Accessed through Workday, the site offers a more convenient and faster way for employees to apply for other positions at SLU.

The new site also will feature job listings that will be for internal applicants only, and may not be advertised externally, providing for more career development opportunities for employees.

To get to the site, log into Workday and search for “find jobs” in the search bar at the top of the page, or click on the “Talent and Performance” icon on the right and select “Find Jobs at SLU.”

A job aid has been developed to help guide employees through the new internal application process.

Employees can build a career profile ­(work experience, education, licensing, certifications, etc.) that will transfer to a job application whenever they apply for a different internal position.

After applying for a position, employees can track where they are in the process. Workday also will have a history of all positions an employee has applied for during their time at SLU.

To reduce the amount of time it takes to manually search the site for internal opportunities, employees can also create “job alerts” in Workday.

Using this feature, employees can choose to receive daily or weekly notifications when there are new campus positions that match their interests based on criteria they’ve selected.

There isn’t a limit on how many job alerts an employee can create. The job aid for the internal career site also provides instructions on how to set up job alerts.

All current employees should use the internal career site in Workday to apply for SLU and SLUCare positions. External candidates will continue to apply through the external site.