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Workday Financials Cutover Period Coming

As Saint Louis University moves closer to launching Workday Financials on July 1, there will be a cutover period between the time when SLU shuts down existing systems and begins to process work in Workday.

Below is an overview of the timeline for this transition, including key blackout dates for certain systems and deadlines for certain transactions. To learn more about SLU’s journey to Workday, visit Workday@SLU.

Billiken Buy

June 12

This will be the last day in FY20 that orders can be placed in Billiken Buy. Billiken Buy access will be shut off at the end of the business day.

June 26

You will still be able to receive Billiken Buy orders and accept invoices against blanket orders until June 26.

July 6

Purchase orders will not be converted to Workday. All purchase orders in Banner will need to be recreated in Workday by the departments, beginning on July 6. This includes W orders (construction purchase orders) and grant blankets.

July 6

While Workday Financials officially launches July 1, general users will not be able to access Billiken Buy until July 6 so that the project team can perform live testing with suppliers on July 1 and 2.


June 30

By the close of business, all remaining P Card transactions to be reviewed/approved in the AMEX reconciliation tool.


June 15

This is the final day for departments to submit expense reports to the Commitment Offices for approval or to create travel bookings in Concur.

June 16 – 30

If you must book travel between June 16-30, call TravelPlex directly at 314-569-1900.

July 1

Travel booking and expense report submissions in Concur resume on July 1.

Vendor Setup Requests

June 24

This is the final day for departments to submit vendor set-up creation requests to Accounts Payable to process a direct payment voucher (DPV) for the June 30 check run. 

June 12 –26

We will allow departments to submit supplier requests in Billiken Buy during this period. Vendors that register during this timeframe will be connected and available to order from after Workday is live on July 6.

Vendor Payment

June 26

Final day for departments to submit DPV's for payment for the June 30 check run.

June 29

Final day for the Commitment Offices to approve for the June 30 check run.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Transactions

Early June

HCM transactions will be cut off towards the beginning of June to reduce issues as we begin moving the new Workday configuration into production. Business Managers should not future date costing allocations to prepare for FY21. These will be loaded by the project team.

After July 1

Business managers need to verify all of their department’s employee information has properly transitioned into the new production tenant of Workday. This includes checking all faculty and staff promotions, costing allocations, salaries, etc. If the information is not correct, the business manager will need to update it in Workday.

Financial Planning and Budget

May 22

As in the past, Financial Planning and Budget will not be able to process budget revisions during the budget roll process. Please submit the remainder of your critical FY20 budget revisions no later than the close of business.

June 1

The budget roll process is slated to begin on or about June 1 for financial budgets. The budgets will then be exported from Banner, converted to Workday financial elements, loaded into Workday and validated.

Wait for Notification for FY21 Budget Availability

Due to the Workday Finance implementation July 1 go-live date, Financial Planning and Budget will notify business managers when the FY21 budgets are available to view in Workday.

Departmental Deposits

July 1

First day to enter departmental deposits through Workday for FY21.

July 17

Last day to submit FY20 departmental deposits through Touchnet.

SLU Marketplace

June 30

SLU Marketplace will not be available on June 30. An announcement regarding the blackout date in the Marketplace will be posted, although any additional communication with customers at the store management level is recommended. If a Marketplace U-pay site is used as a payment gateway to a third-party system, please coordinate with the third party to communicate the blackout date.

July 1

SLU Marketplace transactions will resume and post to Workday.