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Memorial Service for David Stoddard Is Friday


A memorial service for David Stoddard will be Friday, Aug. 25, at 4 p.m. in the Spring Hall Chapel. Stoddard worked at Saint Louis University from 1992-2021.

Stoddard died July 8, 2023. He was 57.

Stoddard worked at SLU from February 1992 to March 2021. He was most recently Instructional Technologist, Sr. in the Pius XII Memorial Library Academic Technology Commons (ATC).  

David Stoddard
David Stoddard.

At SLU, he coordinated printing services for Pius Library Academic Technology Commons. He also managed personal and departmental printing jobs including large scale posters, brochures, tickets, booklets, etc.

Part of his job was to provide support for students, faculty, and staff using layout, design, and video editing tools. He also assisted with finishing services including mounting, laminating and packaging.

Stoddard also worked with students, faculty and staff to troubleshoot their computers.

He began his career at SLU in the Medical Center working for the Biomedical Communications Department in AV and Video production. He then served the Medical School Library in the Educational Media Department.

When those services were transferred to ITS, he continued providing that support for Educational Technology's Instructional Technology Center (ITC).  That evolved into the ITS Technology Commons in Caroline before he was moved to the Academic Technology Commons in Pius Library.

The memorial service will be open all members of the University community. The first-floor chapel is located 11 North Spring Avenue, Saint Louis MO,  63108.