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Ignite Seminar Submission Portal Now Open


The Ignite Seminar submission portal will open twice per academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The portal is open now through Wednesday, March 8.

The Ignite Seminar is an opportunity to introduce first-year students to an intellectual "passion topic" of a particular instructor that serendipitously introduces first-year students to disciplines and majors that they often didn't know existed. 

 More information on the Ignite Seminar can be found on the Core Instructor Resources page.

Interested instructors should know that the submission process does not require a complete syllabus. Rather, the Ignite Seminar submission portal asks broad conceptual questions designed to invite instructors to think more about an idea that they have for an Ignite Seminar.

The submission portal can be found online

Once a seminar topic is approved, instructors will be assisted in developing their syllabi in a series of three short workshops, offered on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons on March 22 and March 23; April 19 and April 20; and a final workshop session during the week of Aug. 14 to Aug. 17.

Please note: this Ignite workshop series need only be completed once for instructors to be cleared to teach their Ignite Seminar or any subsequent Ignite Seminar topic that they might submit to the portal in subsequent semesters.