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ITS Announces Upcoming Change Regarding the Use of Macros


As part of ongoing efforts to enhance cybersecurity and protect University systems and data, the SLU ITS team has announced an upcoming change regarding the use of macros within Microsoft Office for University-managed computers.

Change Overview

At the recommendation of the University's cyber insurance provider, to improve overall security, ITS will be updating the default setting on University-managed desktops and laptops to disable the use of macros. This change is aimed at reducing the risk of potential security threats associated with having macros enabled by default.  The deployment of this change is scheduled for Monday, June 10.

Action Required

If uses work involves macros or if users anticipate any challenges due to this change, they should submit a service request for an exception at least one week before the change date. Users can submit your request by filling out the form. Exceptions can be requested after the change is implemented as well. 

Additional Information

If users have any questions or observe any issues during or after the update, contact the Service Desk at 314-977-4000 or via