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Open Source with SLU is Ready to Help Faculty Succeed


Open Source with SLU is a core software development facility that builds open-source software solutions for SLU faculty proposal and research needs.

The team engages students to apply industry-standard best practices to deliver high-quality software tools. If a grant proposal includes any aspect of software development, the Open Source team can discuss the project's needs. If  current research lab has tedious manual work that could be automated with smartly designed software, Open Source can discuss that project as well.

With the deadline for NSF CAREER grant applications rapidly approaching, Open Source with SLU could be a ticket to success.
By partnering with Open Source with SLU, faculty can:

Here's some suggested text for the Broader Impacts section on your proposal:

"Our collaboration with Open Source with SLU ensures an industry-standard, open-source tool development, fostering innovation, sharing, and continuous improvement. Students gain valuable software development experience, preparing them for future technology careers."
Contact Open Source at to discuss your needs and associated costs. Together, we can advance your research while contributing to the open-source community and nurturing future software professionals.