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Two Exhibitions Open This Week at SLUMA


Two new exhibitions open this week at the Saint Louis University Museum of Art.

"Art and Religion" opens Wednesday, May 1. "What is Christ" opens on Friday, May 3. 

Art and Religion

Discover the rich tapestry of interpretations that historical artworks offer. At the intersection of education, culture, and personal experience lies a world of understanding waiting to be explored. Whether you're drawn to the scholarly depths of historical context or the emotive resonance of the personal, there's an interpretation that speaks to you. Uncover the beauty of individuality in art appreciation. Explore, reflect, and find your own unique lens through which to view the masterpieces of the past.

The Saint Louis University Museum of Art awards four year-long interdisciplinary scholarships designed to provide learners with the fundamental tools essential for success in their chosen disciplines and nurture the growth of critical thinking skills and practical competencies.

This exhibition, created by Baer Scholar Anna Marlin, showcases the profound impact of nurturing students' creativity.

What is Christ

Christ asks his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Several artists, such as El Greco and Manet, have attempted to answer this question by portraying Christ as phenomena, such as light and color. We know who Christ is through the what. Ignatian spirituality emphasizes that we can find God in all things. This exhibition explores how other objects can reveal more deeply who Christ is.

Originally from New Jersey, Nick Leeper, S.J. is a Jesuit scholastic, which means he is studying to be a Roman Catholic priest in the Society of Jesus. Leeper is a graduate student in the philosophy department at Saint Louis University, studying philosophy of art and religion.

Before coming to SLU, he completed his bachelor's degree in history and education at Rutgers University-Newark and then a master's degree in church management at Villanova university. After graduating this May, he will return to the east coast to teach art and religion at Xavier High School in New York City.