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07-023 - Method and apparatus for sutureless injectable retinal detachment sponge implantation


Levent Akduman


Retinal detachment can occur when the two layers of the retina, the sensory retina and the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), become separated from each other and from the wall of the eye. Retinal detachment can lead to severe vision loss or blindness. Retinal detachment surgery is a method of closing breaks, bringing the two layers of the retina back together, and getting rid of fluid under the retina. This invention is a method and apparatus for a sutureless injectable retinal detachment sponge and method for placing the sponge in a pocket beneath the surface of the scleral. An exterior accessible pocket can be created in the scleral by making an incision in the outer surface. The incision can be made utilizing a crescent blade. The apparatus used to perform the procedure for insertion of the sponge in the pocket utilizes an injector having a cylinder and plunger combination. The cylinder can have a sponge removably contained therein and a plunger for injecting the sponge out of the cylinder portion of the injector to the desired location within the pocket. This method also eliminates the need for sutures because the sponge is contained in the pocket and should not move. This will also enhance the healing process and reduce the likelihood of infection due to an exposed suture and sponge as with the previous method.

Intellectual Property Status

  • U.S. patent pending