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Staff Advisory Committee

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) connects Saint Louis University staff to important information and advises on SLU policy that would affect staff. 

Any University staff member who does not belong to a collective bargaining unit is eligible to join the Staff Advisory Committee. Interested staff may join by completing the online membership application linked below.

Join the Staff Advisory Committee

To propose a topic for Staff Advisory Committee discussion, make an anonymous suggestion using the link below. 

Submit a Suggestion to the Staff Advisory Committee 

Visit the Staff Advisory Committee Communication Site

Greetings from the Staff Advisory Committee Chairperson

Greetings SLU Staff Members, 

Staff at SLU serve in all areas of the University supporting the day-to-day operations and initiatives that bring about the fulfillment of the mission of the university. Staff create and lead programs and provide support for every school and division, touching every aspect of this beautiful enterprise.

Our work is driven by the mission we are tasked with, and is part of something now present and something that is propelled into the future. The “product” we produce goes on to form the structures that society and our lives depend on. Our efforts support growth and knowledge in the areas of commerce, medicine, education, engineering, justice, law, and the beauty of the arts. The Catholic Jesuit mission of the University sets us apart from other institutions and informs the way we care for and support one another. Our mission to “transform society in the spirit of the Gospels” is a big charge and begins with how we love and treat one another here at Saint Louis University.

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) is here to communicate the interests and concerns of staff to University administration and faculty. SAC members serve on the University Leadership Council, Board of Trustee committees, and in advisory capacities in the development, review and implementation of University policies that affect staff. We work to nurture a spirit of unity and respect among all employees of the University.

It is my privilege and pleasure to serve as the chair of the Staff Advisory Committee.  


Judi Buncher
Chair, Staff Advisory Committee, AY23-AY24

Mission Statement

In accordance with the Catholic Jesuit identity of Saint Louis University, the purpose of the Staff Advisory Committee shall be to communicate the interest and concerns of a diverse University staff; to function in an advisory capacity in the development, review and implementation of University policies which affect staff; to provide a means of communication with the administration and faculty, and support them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the staff; and to create and nurture a spirit of unity among all employees at the University.


The Staff Advisory Committee was created in September 1992 as the Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC). It was officially recognized by the Saint Louis University administration as a sub-committee of the Human Resources Board and renamed the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) in July 1995.

The Staff Advisory Committee has representatives serving on a number of SLU committees and human resources sub-committees considering:

  • FMLA Leave 
  • SmokeFree SLU
  • FlexTime/Timekeeping

The Staff Advisory Committee was instrumental in the development and approval of the following policies and programs:

  • Paid Parental Leave Policy
  • Reduction in Force Policy to include Tuition Remission
  • Peer Review Policy
  • Cura Personalis Program

In addition, the committee has suggested SAC members for diversity training forums, requested the change in jury duty pay to allow staff to retain payment, and made recommendations in the corrective counseling policy. SAC has raised concerns about policies regarding internal promotional procedures, transfer request procedures, and improving communication with internal applicants.