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SAC Membership

Learn how to join the Saint Louis University Staff Advisory Committee and meet the Executive Board.

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) meets on the third Thursday of the month to:

  • Examine new or upcoming policy issues.
  • Discuss existing policies.
  • Consider questions of concern or interest to staff.
  • Hear reports from staff members who sit on various University committees. 
  • Make suggestions and recommendations pertaining to staff.

How to Join

Any staff member who does not belong to a collective bargaining unit is eligible to become a member of the Staff Advisory Committee. Interested staff may join by completing the online membership application.

Completed membership applications will go to a Google spreadsheet and will be reviewed by the Staff Advisory Committee chair, recording secretary, and membership coordinator. Questions may be addressed to Rachel Young at or Sue Stevens at You may also contact the Staff Advisory Committee Executive Board through the general e-mail,

SAC is sanctioned by the University Administration and time spent attending committee and subcommittee meetings is officially considered paid time by the University. Since meetings are held during normal office hours, those interested in becoming members of SAC should inform their supervisors before joining the organization. The SAC Executive Board or the Vice President for Human Resources will provide any supervisor with information about SAC, if requested.

Since the Staff Advisory Committee members are expected to provide input on various issues, it is the obligation of members to attend enough meetings to remain sufficiently informed of the issues.

The chair, chair-elect, past-chair, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, treasurer, and membership coordinator will provide the leadership as the Executive Board of the SAC.

Annual elections are held each April. Terms of office run July 1 through June 30. Each current chair may invite any previous chair(s) to serve on the Executive Board in an advisory, ex officio capacity during that chair's term. Each July, all SAC Ad Hoc and standing committee chairs and SAC archivist will be appointed or re-appointed by the Executive Board.

Current SAC Members

Executive Board

The 2020-21 Staff Advisory Committee Executive Board consists of the following members: 

  • Chair: Frances "Sue" Stevens, Department of Internal Medicine (two-year term)
  • Past-Chair: Cyn Wise, Office of the Vice President for Research - CO Center 1
  • Recording Secretary: Jenni Franey, Department of Comparative Medicine
  • Corresponding Secretary: Kristin Hrasky, Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
  • Membership Coordinator: Rachel Young, Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
  • Treasurer: Kathy Barbeau, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Joyce Huelsmann Outstanding SAC Member Award

Every year, a member of the Staff Advisory Committee is awarded the Joyce Huelsmann Outstanding SAC Member Award. The award was established to honor founding SAC member, Joyce Huelsmann (SLU staff - 1963-2010), and recognizes a member of the Staff Advisory Committee who has best exhibited the qualities necessary for the type of leadership, service and positive spirit that were a hallmark of Joyce Huelsmann and her involvement at Saint Louis University, and more specifically, the Staff Advisory Committee. Her high moral standards, strong work ethic, and personal commitment to leadership through example, integrity, compassion, and respect for all continue to be a cornerstone of the Staff Advisory Committee. Past recipients include: 

  • 2011: Carolyn Mulhall, Molecular Virology
  • 2012: Susan Torretta, Psychiatry
  • 2013: Cyn Wise, Biology
  • 2014: Yvonne McCool, Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing
  • 2015: Frances "Sue" Stevens, Department of Internal Medicine
  • 2016: Rita Stites, School of Medicine, Pediatric Administration
  • 2017: Peter Garvin, Public Safety
  • 2018: Amelia Blanton Hibner, School of Social Work
  • 2019: Debbie Dill Garvin, Alumni and Donor Engagement
  • 2020: Kristin Hrasky, Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training