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The Grand Hall Elevator Bank

Hello Billikens, 

We are writing to provide context for changes our community will see in the appearance of the Grand Hall elevator bank.

 The previous image on Grand Hall elevator bank was not representative of our community. With the blessing and support of many student partners Housing and Residence Life is pleased to remove the image with expediency.

The decision to remove the wall skin was in direct support and solidarity with those whose image was used and those who voiced concern. The staff understand the power of transparency. Moving forward, the HRL staff will work to ensure residential students can provide their opinions on the images or information that should appear on the elevator bank. 

HRL has been in touch with the presidents of several student groups including the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Black Student Association (BSA) as well as Housing and Residence Life student staff members to determine how to involve all voices in the student community before offering a strategy for replacement. 

We know this change is long overdue. Thanks to leadership changes in the department and at the University, HRL was empowered to remove the image that have caused harm and to ensure whatever replaces it has the support of the student community. 

Saint Louis University Housing and Residence Life