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On this Day in SLU History

January 27, 2017

Today at SLU in 2017: The College for Public Health and Social Justice announces its REACH initiative, which aims to address problems that undermine the health of children and mothers. #SLU200

January 26, 1999

Today at SLU in 1999: Classes are cancelled so that SLU students and faculty can attend papal events during Pope John Paul II's visit to St. Louis. #SLU200

January 25, 2012

Saint Louis University announces that @SLULAW will move downtown to a new building donated by Joe and Loretta Scott. #SLU200

January 24, 2013

Today at SLU in 2013: SLU researchers and their collaborators at @Mizzou and @PittTweet report a breakthrough in the pursuit of new hepatitis B drugs that could help cure the virus. #SLU200

January 23, 1976

Today at SLU in 1976: @SLU_SGA's Popular Film Series offers students the chance to view a screening of American Graffiti for only 50 cents with a SLU ID. #SLU200

January 22, 1911

Today at SLU in 1911: SLU is named a Collegium Maximum, an official Jesuit term for the "premier college" of a province, by the Father General in Rome. #SLU200

January 21, 1855

George Hood, a Saint Louis University senior, records in his diary that due to heavy snow, the school authorities declare a winter sports day.

January 20, 2005

Today at SLU in 2005: Saint Louis University starts its official Facebook page. @theunews offers full coverage of "SLU's new fad." #SLU200

January 19, 2016

Hoverboards and electronic skateboards — which have grown in popularity by the middle of the decade — are temporarily banned at SLU's campuses due to safety concerns.

January 18, 1982

Today at SLU in 1982: Longtime SLU professor John Kavanaugh, SJ, lectures at the College Church on "Following Christ in a Consumer Society." His best-selling book by the same title was published the year before. #SLU200

January 17, 1898

St. Louis Republic lauds the previous day's dedication of the College Church, calling it a "day of unhoped-for splendor." Archbishop John Joseph Kain, along with four bishops, 60 Jesuit scholastics, 65 priests and 40 acolytes, blessed the new church.

January 16, 1898

St. Francis Xavier College Church is formally dedicated at Saint Louis University.

January 15, 1865

Francis Stuntebeck, S.J., the director of SLU's weather station, reports: "This morning at six o'clock, four rings were seen around the moon: the nearest white, the second blue, the third yellow, and the fourth light green. These lasted for some six to eight minutes and then gradually disappeared."

January 14, 1929

In their best game of the 1929 season, the Billiken men's basketball team beat the Washington Bears 29-18. After three minutes of scoreless play, "Moose" Meyers drops in a long shot, and the Billikens control the game from that point on.

January 13, 1833

Pope Gregory XVI grants a dispensation allowing the Society of Jesus to charge tuition to meet the costs of education and board. The Jesuits at SLU actively sought this dispensation. It is one of the most significant changes in the Jesuit way of operating schools since the founding of the order.

January 12, 1898

U.S. President Grover Cleveland orders the creation of the Corps of Cadets, a student military organization, at Saint Louis University.

January 11, 1984

The winter 1984 issue of Universitas publishes a story about Patrick Gaffney, SMM, and his innovative computer course titled "Who is Jesus?"

January 10, 1898

DuBourg Hall is dedicated.

January 9, 2006

Tom Kavanaugh (AS '01) wins his final round of the popular game show Jeopardy, making him an eight-time champion with winnings of more than $144,000.

January 8, 1818

In the same year as SLU's founding, Henry Clay, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, presents the first petition to Congress from Missouri requesting statehood.

January 7, 1824

Bishop Louis William DuBourg offers the Jesuits his college, which will become Saint Louis University.

January 6, 1949

Father Reinert begins his 25-year tenure as president of Saint Louis University.

January 5, 1818

Bishop Louis William DuBourg arrives in St. Louis. Later this year, he will establish Saint Louis Academy, which will become Saint Louis University.

January 4, 2013

The men's basketball team defeats Savannah State 67-59, earning their eighth consecutive win at home. The Billikens would go on to compete in the NCAA men's basketball championship.

January 3, 1952

SLU President Paul Reinert, S.J., participates in the Western Province Educational Meeting of the Vincentian Fathers to discuss ways to improve seminary education.

January 2, 1953

Pope Pius XII gives Saint Louis University permission to name its new library in his honor, writing to SLU President Paul Reinert, S.J.: "Willingly then do we accede to your filial request that this new library be designated the Pius XII Memorial Library."

January 1, 1860

The first weather bureau in St. Louis is set up at Saint Louis University.