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Emergency Notifications

Saint Louis University's Department of Public Safety has the responsibility of responding to and summoning the necessary resources to mitigate, investigate, and document situations that may cause a significant emergency or dangerous situation.

In addition, DPS has a responsibility to respond to such incidents to determine if the situation does in fact, pose a threat to the community. If that is the case, federal law requires that the institution immediately notify the campus community or the appropriate segments of the community who may be affected by the situation.

DPS receives information from various departments on campus, such as the Office of Environmental Safety and Services. If DPS or the Office of Environmental Safety and Services confirms that there is an emergency or dangerous situation that poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of some or all members of the SLU community, DPS, the Office of Environmental Safety and the University Division of Marketing and Communications will collaborate to determine the content of the message and will use some or all of the systems described below to communicate the threat to the SLU community or to the appropriate segment of the community, if the threat is limited to a particular building or segment of the population.

DPS and the University's Division of Marketing and Communications will, without delay and taking into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the notification system, unless issuing a notification will, in the judgment of the first responders (including, but not limited to: DPS, St. Louis Metropolitan Police, St. Louis Fire Department), compromise the efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

In the event of a serious incident that poses an immediate threat to members of the SLU community, the University has various systems in place for communicating information quickly.

Some or all of these methods of communication may be activated in the event of an immediate threat to the SLU community. These methods of communication include network emails, emergency voice and text messages that can be sent to a phone, and electronic signage. Students are required to register cellular phone numbers and email addresses to receive emergency messages. A student may also register a parent’s phone number or email address. Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to register a phone number/email address in order to receive emergency messages.

View the Emergency Operations and Communications Policy 


When an emergency occurs, the DPS will send an emergency notification message that will flash a full-screen alert on all or select PCs and Macs that are on the network.

Register for Rave Alerts

The Rave Alert emergency notification system  allows the University to reach students, faculty, staff and visitors within minutes through a number of media options: text messages, cell phones, land line, email and digital signage.  The SLU community can register for alerts or update contact information through mySLU.  

Like any good system, Rave relies on people, and the ability to reach people though Rave still depends heavily on having current contact information. As part of the ongoing effort of the Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with Information Technology Services, University Marketing and Communications, Student Development, the Registrar's Office, the Staff Advisory Committee and the Faculty Senate, everyone at SLU is encouraged to become part of the Emergency Alert Notification System.

It is important to note that information is held in confidence and will only be used in a situation that poses imminent danger to the life or safety of students, faculty, staff or visitors.

Register for Rave Alerts