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Pre-health Roadmap

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Pre-Health Roadmap

Pre-health tracks at SLU are designed to set you up for exploration and success. Your roadmap allows you to plan ahead. While some exceptions may apply, the path to your pre-health track typically includes the following courses:

Preview your path to success

These courses include all the required coursework for medical school applicants and MCAT preparation. For more on SLU’s direct-entry physical therapy program, click here.

Freshman Year

  • General Biology I + Lab (BIOL 1240/1245)
  • General Biology II + Lab (BIOL 1260/1265)
  • General Chemistry I + Lab (CHEM 1110/1125)
  • General Chemistry II + Lab (CHEM 1120/1125)
  • Introduction to Healthcare Professions (1020)

Sophomore Year

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BIOL 3020)
  • Cellular Structure and Function (BIOL 3040)
  • Organic Chemistry + Lab (CHEM 2410/2415)
  • Organic Chemistry + Lab (CHEM 2420/2425)

Junior/Senior Year

  • Physics I + Lab (PHYS 1310/1320)
  • Physics II + Lab (PHYS 1330/1340)
  • Pre-Health Committee on Evaluations Seminar (PPHS 2930)

Other Suggested Courses

  • Pre-Dental Shadowing Internship (PPHS 4910)
  • Sociology, Psychology, Calculus I, Statistics, English/Writing intensive classes