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Saint Louis University's Office of Treasury and Investments

The Office of Treasury and Investments at Saint Louis University has the primary responsibility for the management and administration of the University's financial assets.

These responsibilities include:

  • Cash management/banking services
  • Merchant card services/e-commerce
  • Debt management
  • Endowment and investment management

Cash Management and Banking Services

Treasury and Investments is responsible for managing daily cash operations and investments. This includes monitoring and reconciliation of daily cash flow and bank balances, electronic funds transfer systems, bank relationship management, negotiating banking and financial services contracts, cash forecasting, and review and analysis of banking fees and expenditures.

Treasury and Investments manages all University departmental depository services and provides departments with methods for the receipt of departmental funds.

Read Our Cash Handling Policy (PDF)


Opening bank accounts using the University's tax exemption or using its Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) is restricted to those individuals expressly authorized by the University's Board of Trustees. No other individual, associated or affiliated organization is permitted to use the University's tax-exempt status or TIN for any banking purpose.

Unauthorized use of the University's tax-exempt status in connection with bank accounts, brokerage accounts and other processes will result in the treasurer's office taking the appropriate steps to close such accounts.

Departmental Change Funds

Departmental change funds are established for departments that require cash to make change during normal business operations. Change funds may be established for temporary or permanent use, depending on the nature and frequency of business activities. The Office of Treasury and Investments must authorize departmental change fund requests to increase or decrease a fund.

Review the Departmental Change Funds Policy and Procedures (PDF) for information on establishing, increasing, decreasing, or closing a departmental change fund.

To establish, increase, decrease or close a departmental change fund, complete the Departmental Change Fund Request Form (PDF) and email the completed form to