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Constructive Feedback

What: Feedback provides students with helpful information on how to improve skills in the clinic. Most clinical teaching and feedback occurs in the context of a busy clinical practice where time is a premium.

Why: There are increasing challenges to balance student learning and feedback while maintaining productivity and work responsibilities. Constructive feedback in a consistent manner is essential for professional growth and skill development.


  • Questioning Techniques for Clinical Teaching is a narrated PowerPoint presentation regarding the steps to applying questioning technique in the clinical setting.
  • Learning Styles describes how each of us learns in a unique way through our senses such as visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic. Most of us are multimodal learners meaning that we learn from more than one sensory input. For more information, explore the VARK website.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment tool to recognize preferences in which a person works most comfortably