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Billiken Home Plate

Students at a meal during a Billiken Home Plate event.
Staff and students enjoy a meal during a 2023 Billiken Home Plate event. Submitted photo

Whether students come from one of our neighboring communities, across the country or around the world, Saint Louis University believes that intentionally connecting students with faculty and staff will help build a community where all feel accepted and know that they belong.

SLU faculty and staff can participate as Billiken Home Plate hosts to enjoy time with talented SLU students while offering students a chance to enjoy a family meal, get to know a St. Louis family, and take a break from classes and campus life. Hosts invite groups of two to four students to a family-style meal three to four times during the academic year to ensure continued community connection. 

Program Goals

Home Plate is meant to nourish students' sense of belonging, helping them feel at home at SLU and connected to St. Louis. The simple act of being together and getting to know one another over a casual dinner and conversation is a way for faculty and staff to be present for students, not just in their academic pursuits, but also in the spirit of cura personalis, the development and health of the entire person.

Spending time with students proves they are important and valued members of the SLU community. In this way, the program will further SLU's collective efforts to accompany young people in creating a hope-filled future. By participating in the Billiken Home Plate program:

  • Student participants will feel at home in a new city, get to know a St. Louis family, connect to the comforts of family life, including a home-cooked meal and dinner conversations, take a break from classes, and get off campus for a few hours.
  • Employee participants will contribute to the life of the university in a personal way, have the opportunity to enjoy the company of talented students from across the globe, and help students connect to a new city and feel at home at SLU.

How It Works

Billiken Home Plate is facilitated by DICE's Strategic Initiatives team, which will match students with hosts and organize a program kickoff at the beginning of the year to bring together participants for their initial meeting. Hosts are asked to invite their assigned student groups to have a family-style meal together once or twice per semester. 

Sign up to be a Billiken Home Plate student

Sign up to be a Billiken Home Plate host (Employees only)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out who my assigned students/host are?

DICE staff notify you of your assigned student group or host before program launch.

Will I meet my host or student groups before having a meal at home?

DICE will host a program launch where all participants will have the opportunity to meet one another in a large group session. 

I have social anxiety or struggle with meeting new people. Is this a program for me?

Yes! To support all participants, we have conversation guides and do our best to match students with hosts who have similar interests.

As a student, are there costs to participate in the program?

There are no costs to students who wish to participate in the program, though there may be costs associated with transportation. 

As a host, are there costs to participate in this program?

Yes. We ask our hosts to cover the costs associated with meals. However, we do not want finances to be a barrier to participation and have a Billiken Home Plate financial support form for those who would like to request assistance. 

Who do I contact for additional questions or concerns?

For more information, email Allison Brewer at