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SLU Geospatial Institute News

  • 01/05/22- Vasit Sagan sat down with HEC Media's Dennis Riggs to discuss GeoSLU's research and how GeoSLU is educating talent that will need to be recruited to support this booming industry

  • 09/03/21- Dr. Sandoval discussed the population change in Saint Louis based on the 2020 census results, drawing insightful contrasts between St. Louis and other metropolitan areas, as a guest on the Charlie Brennan show with Amy Marxkors on KMOX.

  • 09/03/21- Kemba Noel-London used geospatial data in her doctoral research to discover disparities in access to youth sports throughout the St. Louis region. She is the first recipient of the Geospatial Health Certificate at Saint Louis University.

  • 02/28/20- Enbal Shacham, Ph.D., professor of public health and associate director of the SLU Geospatial Institute (GeoSLU), discussed the ongoing work within GeoSLU to track the spread of coronavirus.

  • 02/11/20- Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, has entered into a new partnership with Saint Louis University and GeoSLU to advance geospatial innovation and training.

  • 01/15/20- GeoSLU's Ness Sandoval, Ph.D., associate faculty director of the Institute, and SLU's Shawn Steadman, director of SLU's emergency management program, were guests on "St. Louis on the Air" to discuss the Australian wildfires and how GeoSLU is working to track such natural disasters.

  • headshot of Michael Rozier, S.J., Ph.D.

    11/09/19- The American Geographical Society (AGS) has awarded Michael Rozier, S.J., Ph.D., assistant professor of health management and policy at Saint Louis University's College for Public Health and Social Justice, an EthicalGEO Fellowship as a result of the Society's recent EthicalGEO Challenge.

  • 10/10/19- Results of a new survey conducted by the St. Louis Mosaic Project and Ness Sandoval, Ph.D., associate professor at SLU and associate director of GeoSLU, show that foreign-born populations are continuing to choose St. Louis as a place to call home.

  • 10/08/19- Saint Louis University has established a new Geospatial Institute to support and accelerate research, training, and innovation in geospatial science and technology. Also known as GeoSLU, the Institute will further establish St. Louis as a hub for these rapidly growing fields while promoting research ideas to respond to the challenges of today.

  • 09/26/19- Ness Sandoval, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology and anthropology and associate director of GeoSLU, was interviewed about migration in the St. Louis area, as well regional population and wealth trends.