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Compensation and Payroll

Saint Louis University's Division of Human Resources is responsible for administering fair compensation programs and managing payroll. 

Staff Performance Management Process

Saint Louis University is committed to building and maintaining a highly committed, productive, and customer-focused workforce to support its mission. To achieve this, we strive to provide each employee in our organization with clear performance objectives, ongoing coaching and feedback, professional development and recognition for outstanding work.

When problems with employee behavior and performance arise, we expect that the employee and supervisor will work together to make necessary improvements. The staff performance management process is used for both performance (substandard performance) and discipline issues (unacceptable behavior, attendance). Employees and supervisors should contact their HR consultant for effective administration and assistance with understanding these new policies.

Staff Performance Management Policy

University Performance Evaluation Program

Every January, SLU managers conduct annual performance evaluations for staff. The performance evaluation is an essential process for successful job performance for the following reasons:

  • To ensure open and honest communication between supervisors and employees regarding job responsibilities, expectations, performance standards and business goals. 
  • To provide the opportunity to review the period of evaluation and to discuss both positive and negative aspects of employee performance and to acknowledge meritorious performance.
  • To enhance overall job performance with subsequent improvement of unit and institutional effectiveness. 
  • To encourage employees to identify issues of concern, put forth new ideas, and assist in goal setting for themselves, the unit, and the institution. 
  • To provides the opportunity to redefine the requirements for the next evaluation period, as necessary. 
  • To permit the supervisor and the employee to discuss opportunities for growth and identify training needs.