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FAQs for Graduate Assistants

Saint Louis University Graduate Assistants are eligible to participate in the University Health Plan administered for SLU by Aetna Student Health. Read below for full information about this program as it applies to GAs.

Q. My graduate assistantship provides health insurance support but I don’t see an enrollment/plan
option on the Aetna Student Health website that matches the exact dates of my graduate
assistantship award/contract? What plan option should I choose?

A. Choose an option from Aetna’s site that starts on or before your assistantship start date and ends on or after your assistantship end date.

For example:

  • If your graduate assistantship award is Aug. 15-May 20, select plan option 08/15-5/20 (coverage starts and ends on the same dates of award).
  • If graduate assistantship award is Aug. 18-April 30, select plan option 08/15–05/20 (coverage starts
    before and ends after award dates).

Q. Can I cancel my coverage early if I do not want to keep UHP beyond my assistantship end date?

A. No. If you choose to enroll in the UHP, rather than waive out of the plan, you must choose one of the available options. Once you enroll in a plan, changes cannot be made outside of Open Enrollment Periods unless all requirements of a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) are met. Please see UHP Qualifying Events for more information on QLE requirements.

Q. How do I enroll if I have an assistantship starting before the fall semester?

A. Aetna’s site includes two early start options for Fall – 7/1 and 8/1. If you have accepted an assistantship beginning before 8/15, you should see one of these early start dates presented on the Aetna site. If you do not see 7/1 or 8/1 dates that match your award, please contact the UHP Office at (314) 977-5666 to have the dates on the Aetna site adjusted.

Q. Can I enroll my spouse and dependents in UHP if I am covered by an assistantship?

A. Yes. Your assistantship will cover the portion indicated for you and the remaining premium for your dependents will remain on your student account to be paid by you.

Q. How do I add dependents?

A. You can add dependents when you enroll on Aetna’s site during Open Enrollment. If you have a Qualifying Event (e.g. marriage or birth), contact the UHP office to have your dependents added and additional premium prorated to the date of the Qualifying Event. You must contact UHP within 31 days of the Qualifying Event date and will need documentation that supports the event (i.e. birth or marriage certificates).

Q. When can I enroll in the coverage?

A. Open Enrollment Periods are generally:

 Fall 7/1 – 9/30
 Spring 12/1 – 2/14
 Summer 4/1 – 5/31

The Aetna site may be opened in advance of these dates. 

Q. Can I make changes to my enrollment once I choose an option?

You can make changes to your enrollment during the Open Enrollment Period, or when you experience a Qualifying Event. Marriage, birth, or loss of other coverage are considered Qualifying Events. See the UHP website for more information on Qualifying Events: UHP Qualifying Events. Proof of Qualifying Event must be submitted within 31 days of the Qualifying Event date.

Q. How will my coverage be billed?

A. All UHP coverage premiums will be billed on your student account. The health insurance benefit awarded with your assistantship will be applied to your student account for the coverage during the assistantship period.

Q. What happens if I don’t receive an Identification card? Will I get a new one every year?

A. You will receive a card within about two weeks of enrolling in the plan, and will receive a new card each fall of every plan year. You may also print a card online or you can call Aetna Customer Service (877) 381-3544 to request a new card.

Q. Can I stay on UHP after my assistantship ends?

A. Yes. As long as you are a full-time student, you may continue to enroll in the plan. Your assistantship will cover the portion indicated in your contract and any premium beyond your award will be owed by you.

Q. What if I drop below full time and am no longer eligible?

A. If you take a leave of absence, or drop below full-time student status you will remain on the plan for the original term selection. After that term date, you may enroll in Student Continuation Coverage through the UHP office to keep coverage for up to three months. For information about Student Continuation Coverage, please contact the UHP Office at 314-977-5666.

Q. Can I continue coverage after I graduate?

A. Once you graduate you are no longer eligible as a student, but you may be eligible for Student Continuation Coverage. Contact the UHP Office at 314-977-5666 for additional details. Please note that one must elect continuation coverage within 60 days of loss of coverage as a student or graduate assistant.

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