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Senior Legacy Symposium

The Senior Legacy Symposium allows the entire Saint Louis University community to see the academic possibilities and contributions of our graduating seniors, including faculty, administration, staff, students and alumni.

Each year, graduating students from academic units across the University present research and papers, perform creative works, and share internship and service learning experiences. In doing so, they leave behind a major contribution to their field of study and to the University.

Students are selected to participate in the Symposium by faculty in their degree program. Each department/academic unit may select up to three students to present during the event.  Once selected, students are notified of their nomination, and they must submit a proposal/abstract that describes their project.  Students can share their work in one of three presentation types: a poster presentation, oral presentation, or creative presentation.

The symposium is open to the public. Attendance by faculty, staff, and students from around the University is strongly encouraged. A reception to celebrate the student presenters follows the event, and students who participate receive a medallion to be worn at commencement.

Poster/Artwork Presentations

A poster, video presentation/slideshow or a piece of artwork is displayed. Participants are expected to stand next to their presentation for the duration of the event (3 to 5 p.m.) so attendees can ask questions about the project. If  participants  are part of a group of presenters, at least one member must be at the display throughout the program. 

Guidelines for poster or artwork presentations 

Presenters will have six feet of space to use for presentation areas. Tables will be provided, but you must supply your own easel if you would like to use one as a method of presentation display.  

Foam display boards (48" x 72"), thumbtacks, and easels will be provided for all presenters. Students may request special accommodations (e.g., cabaret tables for display of artwork, extension cords, etc.).

Because projects will be displayed throughout the symposium, information should be detailed enough for an observer to understand the theme/purpose of the project or experience. The use of photographs or slides will enhance the visual appeal of the submission. If assistance is needed in designing the display, contact the Instructional Media Center.


Presenters will have 10 minutes to present their work, with a five minute question-and-answer period, for a total presentation time of 15 minutes. This may include a multimedia presentation (e.g., Powerpoint, Prezi, video). Each project will be assigned a time slot for presentation, but nominated students should be prepared to present at any point between 3 and 5 p.m.

Guidelines for oral presentations

Since time will be strictly enforced, make sure your presentation is concise. Rehearse ahead of time to ensure adequate timing. If you will be using slides during your presentation, we recommend using no more than 10.

Creative Presentations

Fifteen-minute theater and music performances will be showcased in a presentation format. Artwork will be displayed with the poster presentations.

Guidelines for creative presentations

Please keep the use of props to a minimum. Since time will be strictly enforced, only three minutes will be allowed for set up and tearing down of props.

For questions about the Senior Legacy Symposium, email