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Saint Louis University Mission Priority Examen

At the request of the Father General of the Society of Jesus all Jesuit universities have been asked to conduct a mission focused self-study to evaluate how they live the Jesuit Mission and Identity.

At Saint Louis University, the University Mission Examen process was conducted in the fall of 2018. Under the direction of Molly A. Schaller, Ph.D., Christopher Collins, S.J., and David Suwalsky, S.J. A Mission Priority Examen Steering Committee was formed to facilitate the process.

Thirty listening sessions were held throughout campus with more than 700 participants. The University looked to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our mission effectiveness, evaluate our current mission priorities, and determine appropriate goals for improvement. The results of the campus meetings were compiled and a report was written by the committee and sent to an external visiting team.

On February 24-27, 2019, the Mission Priority Examen Visiting Team came to campus. They met with twenty-two groups from all areas of campus and completed a report on their findings. The Peer Visitor Committee recommended that the Society of Jesus should reaffirm Saint Louis University as a Jesuit and Catholic institution of higher education.

Mission Priority Examen Report (PDF)

Visiting Committee Report (PDF)

What Did the Examen Ask? 


Aspirations and Hope

First, we asked members of our community to reflect on the ways they, their department, team or colleagues and the University have engaged the Jesuit Catholic mission of SLU.

What were they grateful for?

What do they value?

What was working well?

Second, we asked members of the community to reflect on ways they would like to foster growth — in their work, as a student or in their department or team, and in the University — so that SLU could live its mission more fully and work toward the greater good.

What were their aspirations and hopes?