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Mission Matters Podcast

Saint Louis University's Division of Mission and Identity highlights people and initiatives that embody our Jesuit tradition and mission through the 'Mission Matters' podcast.

Each episode spotlights the different ways that SLU’s Jesuit mission is “hidden in plain sight,” alive and well in the members of the SLU community. Interviews with faculty, staff, alumni, students, and other members of the SLU community will allow for the full breadth and scope of the mission to emerge, demonstrating how individuals, departments, and disciplines continually strive for the “higher purpose, greater good.”

The mission lives in the ways we interact with one another, in the ways we spend our time in areas of social justice, in the initiatives that individual departments undertake, and even in the informal conversations that occur interpersonally, during meetings, or within class lectures. This is an opportunity to both recognize and become inspired by our common commitment to Cura Personalis and Cura Apostolica.

You can engage the mission intentionally here at SLU and you can encounter it randomly. Good luck graduating without ever touching it in some way."

Jordan Glassman, Class of 2020

Saint Louis University reaches many of the world’s needs with its Jesuit mission.  In 2019, the Jesuit government in Rome issued the Universal Apostolic Preferences for the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).  The Apostolic Preferences are the fruit of a two-year discernment with Jesuits and their mission partners, including SLU.

The Mission Matters podcast is one of the initiatives from the Division of Mission and Identity that seeks to give voice to the ways the SLU community is living out these Apostolic Preferences as a Jesuit institution.