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ID Intelectual Property Type
ID Intelectual Property Type
04-015 Method for detecting lysosomal storage diseases Diagnostic
07-017 Novel products of myeloperoxidase useful in assessing cardiac health Diagnostic
10-017 Biolayer interferometry measurement of biological targets Diagnostic
10-024 Sickle confirm modified hemoglobin solubility test Diagnostic
00-000 Diagnostic method for biomarkers of adverse coronary events Diagnostic
05-009 Drug delivery from electroactive molecularly imprinted polymer Drug Delivery
10-016 Passivated metal nanoparticles having an epoxide-based oligomer coating Industrial Applications
10-023 Organelle bioelectrodes and methods of making Industrial Applications
10-012 Methods and compositions for decomposition of biomass Industrial Applications
04-001 Intramedullary nail device and method for repairing long bone Medical Devices
05-016 Dental repair material Medical Devices
07-023 Method and apparatus for sutureless injectable retinal detachment sponge implantation Medical Devices
10-011 Method for controlling phase transformation temperature in metal alloy of a device Medical Devices
10-014 Distractor Medical Devices
10-015 Input device, a finger mouse for use in operating rooms Medical Devices
10-02 Method and apparatus for delivery into the fetal trachea Medical Devices
10-037 Locking screw device Medical Devices
12-006 Foreign Body Location and Retrieval Device Medical Devices
02-006 MPS IVa (Morquio A) mouse with point mutation and tolerant of human GALNS Research Tools
05-008 Method of screening for a drug candidate that increases ATP release from RBCs stimulated via the Gs or Gi pathway Research Tools
06-020 Compositions and methods for amplification and cloning of near full-length vial genome samples Research Tools
07-004 Method for improving chemiluminescent signal Research Tools
07-006 Screening tool for antiviral agents Research Tools
10-008 Animal model for Parkinson's disease Research Tools
10-025 Network threading approach for predicting a patient's response to hepatitis C virus therapy Research Tools
11-004 Electronic research collaboration systems and methods Research Tools
98-002 Mouse model for hemochromatosis wherein the HFE gene has been disrupted Research Tools
98-008 C22: a conditionally immortalized mouse Clara cell line Research Tools
98-013 Human NK 3.3 cell line Research Tools
00-011 Factor IXa: Factor VIIIa interaction and methods therefore Therapeutics
01-002 Proteins with an attached short peptide of acidic amino acids Therapeutics
03-013 Method of manufacturing a stellate cell death factor Therapeutics
03-019 Methods and compositions for vaccination Therapeutics
06-002 Polypeptide fragment of constitutive coactivator of PPARgamma Therapeutics
06-013 Chimeral polypeptide composition for cross-placenta delivery Therapeutics
06-030 Methods and compositions for activated Protein C mutant with reduced anticoagulant properties Therapeutics
06-047 Compositions and methods for treating immune system mediated diseases Therapeutics
10-006 Method and composition for the management of cardiovascular disease with oligonucleotides Therapeutics
10-007 Delivery of therapeutic agents to the bone Therapeutics
10-010 Virus-expressing host costimulation molecules Therapeutics
10-018 Peptides for inducing heterosubtypic influenza T cell responses Therapeutics
10-021 Method of treating chronic pain Therapeutics
10-032 Expression of anticoagulant thrombin mutants in Escherichia coli Therapeutics
10-036 Prenatal enzyme replacement therapy Therapeutics
10-038 Compositions and methods of treating disease by stimulating ATP release by red blood cells Therapeutics
11-002 Use of adenosine A3 receptor agonists for treatment of neuropathic pain Therapeutics
11-008 Compositions/therapy targeting neuromuscular junction Therapeutics
11-015 Adenovirus E1A fragments for use in anti-cancer therapies Therapeutics
11-017 Methods for treating inflammation Therapeutics
11-027 Use of indomethacin-based drugs to treat Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Therapeutics
11-031.1 Auto-activation of trypsin-like proteases Therapeutics
Determination of immunogenic peptides in lysosomal enzymes and induction of oral tolerance Therapeutics
12-013 Suppression of bone loss by introducing FOXP3+ CD8 T-cells Therapeutics
12-014 Aminohydantoin Compounds as Antimalarial Agents Therapeutics
13-023 Method for reducing incidence of fibrosis caused by peritoneal dialysis Therapeutics
14-002 Antibody-based therapeutics for the treatment of diabetes complications Therapeutics
14-011 Suppression of bone loss by introducing FoxP3+CD8 T-cells Therapeutics
98-003 Temperature-sensitive and cold-adapted human parainfluenza virus type 2 (HPIV-2) and vaccines based on such virus Therapeutics
99-018 Animal feed containing polypeptides Therapeutics