11-015 - Adenovirus E1A fragments for use in anti-cancer therapies

Category: Therapeutic

Inventors: Maurice Green, PhD, Paul M Loewenstein, BS

Summary: Up-regulation of the HER2/neu proto-oncogene occurs in several types of human cancer, including breast, ovary and prostate. HER2 up-regulation in breast cancer is predictive of aggressive disease with a poor prognosis. In addition, several studies have shown that elevated HER2 levels decrease the susceptibility of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs. Further, treatment with siRNAs that inhibit HER2 translation was found to promote growth arrest and apoptosis of breast cancer cell lines. This invention relates to cancer therapies utilizing a fragment of adenovirus E1A that represses oncogenic genes, such as HER2/neu.

Patent: U.S. patent 8,716,014 Issued May 6, 2014