12-013 - Suppression of bone loss by introducing FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells (TcREG)

Category: Therapeutic

Inventors: Rajeev Aurora, PhD, Zachary Buchwald, PhD, Jennifer Kiesel, BS, BA

Summary: This invention relates generally to a method of regulating osteoclast function via a bi-directional regulatory loop between osteoclasts and FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells. This previously unknown crosstalk between the skeletal and immune systems can be exploited through cell-based therapeutics, biologics, small molecule agonists or other known methodologies to treat bone loss and other inflammation-based diseases. A cell-based method for reducing bone loss would be to generate osteoclasts and FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells from a patient's ex vivo blood by culturing mononuclear cells with M-CSF and RANKL and reintroducing them to the patient. Another method would generate the desired cells though the use of immobilized antibodies. A drug method would comprise providing the patient with an effective dose of a RANK agonist.

Patent: U.S. patent 9,144,599