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Saint Louis University Selfie Tour

It's understandable if when you come to Saint Louis University's campus, you are  tempted to take a selfie — most people do at some point! Here is our advice on some of the best places to take a great one. 

SLU Selfie Spot 1: The Billiken Statue

Two students standing at Billiken statue

Selfie by Jaskiran Singh, Class of 2020

Beloved at SLU for generations, the Billiken is a symbol of things as they ought to be and a bringer of good luck. Located outside the entrance to Chaifetz Arena, this statue is a favorite spot for students who hope a quick rub of his belly will bring fortune their way. 

SLU Selfie Spot 2: The Gateways

SLU student taking a SLU Gateway Selfie

Selfie by Licia Avellaneda-Cruz, Class of 2023

You've got your choice of gateways around St. Louis University's campus to get this shot, which is a fan favorite. Gateways can be found on Grand Boulevard and Vandeventer Avenue, Compton, Laclede and Theresa avenues, Lindell Boulevard,  and other locations. 

SLU Selfie Spot 3: College Church

SLU student taking a College Church Selfie

Selfie by Gaby Lawson, Class of 2020

Maybe the most photographed building at SLU, Francis Xavier College Church, located on the corner of Grand and Lindell boulevards,  is amazing inside and out. Also known as College Church, it takes inspiration from St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland, and is listed as a city landmark.

SLU Selfie Spot 4: Saint Louis University Museum of Art

SLU student taking a SLUMA Selfie

Selfie by Tanner Manley, Class of 2022

Known on campus as SLUMA, the Saint Louis University Museum of Art is on Lindell Boulevard and  is technically known as O'Donnell Hall. It was originally built as the exclusive St. Louis Club, hosting several U.S. presidents before being purchased by the University. It is a designated historic landmark.

SLU Selfie Spot 5: The Koi Ponds

SLU student taking a SLU Koi Pond Selfie

Selfie by Emina Muratovic, Class of 2022

A favorite study spot, the koi ponds near SLU's Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business are also a great place to shoot a picturesque shot, either with or without your new fish friends. 

SLU Selfie Spot 6: The Clock Tower

SLU student taking a SLU clocktower selfie

Selfie by Michaela Mueller, Class of  2022

SLU's clock tower, located in the heart of campus on West Pine Mall, is a must-take selfie when you visit SLU. It's also a great place to spot friends - or make new ones - on the nearby steps and tables where you can find people almost every day of the year. 

SLU Selfie Spot 7: Cupples House

SLU student taking a Cupples House Selfie

Selfie by Garrett Canducci, Class of 2021

The Historic Samuel Cupples House along West Pine Mall was once SLU's student union. Now a museum, it's still a favorite spot for photos and a landmark on campus. 

SLU Selfie Spot 8: The Cloister Walk

SLU student taking a Cloister Walk Selfie

Selfie by Charles Castro, Class of 2021

While you are on the south side of campus, you can capture another iconic shot, SLU's Doisy Research Center off of Grand Boulevard and Carr Lane, and the "cloister walk," a sheltered walkway that connects it to other parts of campus.

SLU Selfie Spot 9: The Track

SLU student taking a SLU Track Selfie

Selfie by Aric Hamilton, Class of 2023

The Gateway Arch is visible from lots of places around campus but if you are already getting a run on the track located at Compton Boulevard and Rutger Street, or hanging out on the south side of campus for class or a bite at Fresh Gatherings cafe, this is a great spot to show off SLU and the city in one shot.