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Sam and Marilyn Fox

The Atlas Week Program is named in honor of Sam and Marilyn Fox, two of the most prominent civic leaders in the St. Louis region.

As leaders in the St. Louis community, Sam and Marilyn Fox have not only demonstrated an ardent commitment to improving the quality of life in our community, but they have also generously shared their time, talents and treasures to raise global awareness throughout our region. The son of an American immigrant, Sam Fox has always recognized the importance of celebrating the unique international dimension of America's heritage. Together, Sam and Marilyn have used their innate talents in the business and investment world to encourage thoughtful and informed action on the philanthropic needs of the world.

"Sam and Marilyn Fox are extremely generous people who use their remarkable talents and influence to bring attention to important global issues," said former University President Lawrence Biondi, S.J. "I am deeply gratefully that they so fully understand Saint Louis University's Jesuit mission to educate students to be remarkable global citizens."

The philanthropic spirit of Sam and Marilyn has inspired them to support a myriad of causes around the world, and their commitment of service to the many historical, educational and fine arts institutions of St. Louis has been critical in bringing an international perspective to our region. In recognition of their efforts and expertise on the global issues that confront all American citizens, Sam and Marilyn were appointed to be the United States Ambassadors to Belgium. They held this esteemed post in 2007 and 2008, and have now generously committed their support to fostering Saint Louis University's role in international education and service in light of the University's Jesuit tradition.

"The entire Saint Louis University community is grateful to Sam and Marilyn Fox for their generosity and vision," said Atlas Week Coordinator Michelle Lorenzini, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science. "Their support will help us take this important University event to even greater heights in the future."