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Signature Symposium Keynote Speaker

The Atlas Week Signature Symposium is presented by internationally renowned speakers who have dedicated their lives to issues of political and social justice. The 2024 Atlas Week Signature Symposium will be held at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, April 11, in the Center for Global Citizenship.

The Atlas Program is proud to announce Palestinian-American photojournalist and Senior TED Fellow Eman Mohammed as the 2024 Atlas Week Signature Symposium Speaker. 

Eman Mohammed Portrait
Eman Mohammed


Eman's passion for photography is grounded in her Palestinian roots and heritage. She began her photojournalism career at 19 in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. For the first decade of her work, she focused on documenting the life of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation and ongoing siege in the Gaza Strip. She found refuge in focusing on long-term photo essays that tackle human rights issues and challenge stereotypical narratives. 

Over the years, Eman has cultivated her craft drawing from the rich tapestry of her diverse cultural background. Growing up in Gaza, where she experienced the unique juxtaposition of being a Muslim raised in the Latin Patriarchate School, Eman's work is imbued with a deep understanding of the complexities of her surroundings. 

She has navigated through various photography styles with finesse, transitioning seamlessly from lifestyle to delving into the art of portraiture. In her recent projects, Eman has honed in on capturing the experiences of women within culturally sensitive communities. She has also embarked on investigative journeys, exploring race relations in the United States from an outsider's perspective, infusing her work with a fresh and insightful lens that reflects her diverse upbringing and unique perspective.

Her photographs have been featured in renowned publications such as "The Guardian," "Le Monde," "VICE," AlJazeera English, Mondoweiss, "The Washington Post," Geo International, "Mother Jones," NPR, CNN, "Marie Claire" and "The Atlantic." Moreover, her work has been recognized by various international organizations, and it has been acquired by the British Museum in London and The Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida. Eman has been a TED fellow since 2014 and was chosen as a senior TED fellow in 2019. Her photographic memoir "The Cracks In My Lens" was released as a limited edition in 2022 in Vancouver.

Find her on Instagram: @emanit.