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SLU COVID-19 Safeguards

We continue to follow the process that has successfully guided us for more than two years: Monitoring campus and community data, consulting with community members, and making decisions based on consensus science and our Jesuit values.

If the data show continued low rates of infection, we can continue with relaxed restrictions. If infection rates increase or other new facts emerge, we may require face masks in more settings and/or re-activate other COVID-related guidelines as needed to safeguard the health of our community.

During the past two years, we have shown that we can implement and then lift or revise restrictions, based on changing circumstances. One of the biggest strengths we have gained from this pandemic is the ability to be nimble and adapt effectively to change.

Spring 2022 Safeguards

Booster Dose Requirement

  • SLU is requiring the booster dose for all eligible students, staff and faculty who live, study, research, work or mission on our St. Louis campuses. Those eligible include:

    • All adults over the age of 18 years who completed their vaccine series with Pfizer or Moderna at least five months ago.
    • Those who received the J&J vaccine at least two months ago.
    Schedule a Booster Appointment at SLU's On-Campus Vaccine Clinic

COVID-19 Testing

  • Weekly random surveillance asymptomatic testing of 10% of our residential students is ongoing. Our COVID response team recently announced that our asymptomatic testing plan will be revised to include a mixture of undergraduate students living both on and off campus. (Students who are designated as only studying remotely will not be included.) 

When on Our St. Louis Campuses 

Continue to Wear a Face Mask in Health Care and Clinical Settings
  • Face masks are optional in most non-healthcare/non-clinical campus settings, including active instructional settings. You are still expected to put on a mask when you interact with anyone who is wearing a face mask, to show respect and care for their well-being.

    • Indoor settings: Face masks are optional in active instructional settings, residence halls, food services, academic and administrative departments, meetings and conference rooms, offices and cubicles, Simon Recreation Center, and our libraries — except when you are interacting with someone who is wearing a mask. When you engage with another person who is wearing a mask, you are expected to demonstrate cura personalis, and put on your own face mask. 
    • Indoor campus events: Face masks are optional — except when the hosting organization chooses to require face masks. If the hosting group decides that face masks are required, then face masks must be worn by all attendees. When you choose to attend an event, you are choosing to comply with the event guidelines set forth by the event organizers. 
    • Chaifetz Arena: Face masks are optional except when the hosting organization requires masking for attendees.
  • Face masks continue to be required in: 

    • Healthcare or clinical settings where patient encounters are likely: Face masks are required in SLUCare, Student Health Center, Employee Health, University Counseling Center, Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, Psychological Services Center, Interdisciplinary Center for Autism Services, Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic, the Center for Advanced Dental Education, and COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics.
    • SLU shuttles: Face masks are required.
Please Check for Cold-Like Symptoms Daily
  • As we continue to loosen COVID-related protocols, individuals are still expected to self-screen for COVID-like symptoms before coming to SLU’s campus. 

  • If you have symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please get tested or be screened by a healthcare provider before you arrive on campus. Contact Student Health (314-977-2323) or Employee Health (314-257-8400) if you have symptoms or an exposure and would like to be tested.

Get Tested If You Have Any COVID-like Symptoms
  • We are now a few weeks into our mask optional policy and we are seeing a slight increase in student cases on campus. All of the 14 COVID-positive students identified since February 28 presented with symptoms of COVID (e.g., runny nose, headache, persistent cough, or fever) or had a known exposure to someone with COVID-19. By identifying and acting on those symptoms and/or following our post-exposure testing protocol, those students helped prevent spreading the disease to others. We applaud their embrace of cura personalis. Remember that care for yourself and for our community go hand in hand.

    • It is more essential than ever that any individuals who have COVID-like symptoms follow these steps:
    • If you live on campus, do not leave your living space. If you live off campus, do not come to campus to work or study.
    • Contact Student Health (314-977-2323), Employee Health (314-257-8400), or your primary care provider so that you may be screened by a health professional who will determine if you need to be tested before coming to campus or class.
    • Wait until you get the okay to return to campus or class before you do so. 
Assist Our Contact Tracing Team
  • SLU’s contact tracing team has proven to be one of the most critical safeguards for preventing disease spread on our campus. In the 2020-2021 academic year, ~ three in 10 quarantined students became infected — and contagious — and were moved to isolation housing. They did not have a chance to transmit disease to other members of our University community.

  • In the 2021-2022 academic year, contact tracing protocols have been further updated based on required vaccinations, CDC guidance, and the analysis of campus data from the past year.

  • Our contact tracing team is an arm of the Office of the President and agents for the St. Louis City Health Department. The team includes public health faculty, students and accredited staff.

Some Additional Guidance for You

  • Library Access: Access to Pius XII Memorial Library  remains by key card only. No one outside the SLU community will be permitted in the Pius Library without the escort of a SLU community member.
  • Travel: View SLU's interim travel policy.