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SLU COVID-19 Safeguards

Saint Louis University's fall semester COVID-prevention protocols will begin on Aug. 18. The COVID-19-prevention protocols of our summer guidance will continue to be applicable through Aug. 17.

Review Guidance for Summer 2021

Safeguards At a Glance

  • COVID-19 Vaccine: SLU will require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations for all students, staff, and faculty who are physically present on our St. Louis campuses by August 1, 2021. Vaccinations also will be required of SLU St. Louis students who will be studying outside the U.S., including on our Madrid campus. We will grant exemptions on the grounds of religious beliefs or medical circumstances. Clinics will be hosted on campus for all members of our University community who need to be vaccinated. Learn More
  • Face Masks and Social Distancing: Under our plan for fall 2021, all University community members — whether fully or partially vaccinated or having obtained a University-approved vaccine exemption — can study, live and work on our St. Louis campuses without having to wear a face mask or maintain 6 feet of social distance. But the recent surge in Delta variant infections among infected children, young people and adults prompted the St. Louis City Health Department to reinstate its face mask mandate on July 26. The public health order found here requires that all residents and visitors to St. Louis wear a face mask when “in indoor and enclosed public buildings and spaces, and public transportation.” SLU is located in the city and must abide by its public health orders. We hope that increased vaccinations will help tamp down community spread of the Delta variant and permit the city to lift its mask requirement. We continue to maintain that vaccination is the optimal way to protect ourselves and one another — and to abide by the common bond of our Jesuit values.
  • Symptom Monitoring: Starting Aug. 18, 2021,  regular use of the #CampusClear symptom check app will not be required anywhere on campus, including Pius Library and the Simon Recreation Center.
  • Asymptomatic Testing: As we’re expecting to be a fully-vaccinated campus this fall, the University is not planning to conduct regular asymptomatic testing for students throughout the semester. Broad asymptomatic testing may be conducted if infection rates spike on campus and/or in the St. Louis community. Student-athletes will fall under NCAA guidelines on COVID-19 testing. 
  • Cluster Testing: SLU will conduct cluster testing of unvaccinated students, and possibly vaccinated students, if we see disease spread among small groups of individuals.  
  • Testing Prior to Move-In: SLU will require asymptomatic testing at move-in only for those students living on campus who are not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated. Residential students with University-approved exemptions will need to be tested before move-in. We also will offer optional testing for students living off campus who haven’t been vaccinated and are seeking peace of mind. Students who are fully vaccinated will not be tested at move-in.