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Policy Program

The Saint Louis University Policy Program was created to provide structure and clarity to the review and approval process for policies at SLU.

The University Policy on Policies guides the policy program. The Office of Compliance and Ethics is dedicated to providing the appropriate guidance to SLU personnel working to create or update policies and procedures at the University. The policy process applies to University-wide policies, although units and departments wishing to follow best practices in policy implementation are welcome to contact the chief policy officer for assistance. 

Approved policies can be found in PolicyStat

Policies Currently Under Review

No policies are currently under review.

Recently Approved Policies

Revised Policies

University Policy on Policies

The purpose of this policy is to establish the process for developing, issuing, disseminating, and maintaining all University policies to assure that the University community has ready access to well-developed and understandable University policies.

The mission of Saint Louis University to provide teaching, research, health care, and community service creates the opportunity for distinct rules to be created in support of these University functions, but can also lead to confusion in how policies are created, enacted, adopted and revised. This policy enables the University to have policies that are easy to find, read, and understand and will:

  1. Support the University's mission
  2. Achieve accountability by identifying the respective parties responsible for policies;
  3. Provide the University community with clear, concise guidelines; and
  4. Document how the University conducts its business.

New Policies

Space Management and Allocation Policy 

To establish a uniform process for the management and allocation of all campus space in a manner that advances the mission and strategic priorities of the university and encourages responsible stewardship of the University’s physical and financial resources.

Intellectual Property Ownership Policy

This policy governs the ownership of Intellectual Property created at Saint Louis University. The purpose of this policy is to define the respective ownership rights of the University and its personnel, relative to Intellectual Property resulting from University activities.

Staff Flexible Work Policy

In the Jesuit tradition, Saint Louis University places importance on the balance of the principles of cura personalis, care for the person, and cura apostolica, care for our mission and the work of the institution. The policy's objective is to strike the appropriate balance between caring for our staff and the critical importance of caring for our students, patients and the University community, which is at the core of our work.

Among the advantages of flexible work arrangements are increased productivity and performance, relief of on-campus space constraints, increased job satisfaction, and recruitment and retainment of a highly qualified workforce. This policy establishes procedures to evaluate flexible work requests made by our employees and provides guidelines for employees and their supervisors for managing flexible work arrangements.

About the Policy Program

The University policy program provides structure and clarity to the policy approval process (PDF). The policy program includes the following: 

  • The designation of a policy owner. 
  • A policy must have sponsorship by a responsible university official at the vice president or provost level. This will ensure adequate buy-in at the top with new policies
  • Policies must use standard University templates. As they are updated, old policies will change to the new format.
  • Policies will be moved into PolicyStat, the centralized policy library in mySLU:Tools.
  • University policies will be reviewed and approved by the Policy Review Committee (PRC). After approval, new policies will be posted for a 30-day public feedback period.  Following the 30-day feedback period for new policies, they will be reviewed and approved by the University Leadership Council (ULC) before final approval by the president.  Updated policies will move straight from the PRC to the ULC.
  • The PRC comprises individuals with operational knowledge of the University who can advise and provide feedback to the policy owners who present to the committee. 
  • The PRC meets at 9 a.m. on the second Thursday of every month. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question?

If you have a general policy question, contact Chief Policy Officer Michael Reeves, Ph.D., at 314-977-5880 or

If you have a question about a specific policy, please contact the policy owner listed on the policy itself. This information can be found within PolicyStat.

How can I provide feedback on policies?

During the review of new policies, there will be a 30-day feedback window for comments by the SLU community.

How can I get a copy of a policy?

Approved policies can be found in PolicyStat

New policies are to be reviewed on a triennial basis; current policies will be reviewed over the next few years as they come up for renewal.

Who approves policies?

The policy owner is responsible for ensuring adequate review by key end users. After this review, policies are first approved by the Policy Review Committee, then approved by the University Leadership Council, before final approval by the president.

What is a University policy?

A policy is a statement of University philosophy and direction established to guide and assist the University community in the conduct of University affairs. A University policy has broad application across the University, whereas a unit/department policy impacts only those specific areas. 

How do I start a policy review?
To start a policy through the review process, please contact the chief policy officer to begin the review and get scheduled to present to the Policy Review Committee.  Also, ensure you use the most current University policy template (Word) and Policy Review Engagement Form (Word).