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Human Resources Information

Employee COVID-19 Related Reporting

Saint Louis University has established the Office of Employee Health as a central point of contact for all employees across the entire University who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive.

The Office of Employee Health can be reached by telephone Monday through Friday at 314-257-8400 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also contact Employee Health any time via email at

All faculty, staff, clinicians, residents and fellows must contact the Office of Employee Health if:

  • Exhibiting signs of COVID-19
  • Exposed to COVID-19
  • Under self-isolation due to a confirmed exposure 

SLUCare and School of Medicine: SLUCare and School of Medicine employees should also notify their supervisor and department. Such notifications do not alleviate the requirement of notifying Employee Health. As stated above, this requirement also applies to our residents and fellows. 

About Employee Health

As a central point of contact, Employee Health gives our entire community access to a consistent source of information, guidance on handling COVID-19 related exposures and reporting. Employee Health will assist you with:

  • Reporting an exposure or symptoms you are experiencing
  • Asking questions related to recent travel or family members’ travel
  • Receiving quarantine status updates
  • Providing a release to return to work after quarantine  

Learn More About SLU Employee Health

Interim Staff Flexible Work Policy

Effective Oct. 11, 2021, the University implemented an interim policy defining and governing flexible work for staff at SLU, including remote work and flexible scheduling arrangements. The interim policy establishes procedures to evaluate flexible work requests made by SLU employees and provides guidelines for employees and their supervisors for managing flexible work arrangements.

As a service-based institution, SLU recognizes that many employees’ roles may not lend themselves to flexible work arrangements, and we are grateful for their commitment and presence. For those in roles that do lend themselves to a flexible work arrangement, we entrust to them the responsibility of ensuring that our service to students, patients and one another remains the same in a flexible work arrangement as it was when the role was fully present on campus.

Approval of the Interim Staff Flexible Work Policy was driven by SLU’s experience with flexible work arrangements amid the pandemic and by the University’s desire to address the changing dynamics of the workplace. The interim policy was developed through an inclusive effort that involved numerous discussion sessions across the University.

Each academic unit and operational division may determine how the interim policy is implemented, including providing additional guidelines specific to their staff.  SLU has conducted training sessions for supervisors on the new policy and guidelines, and how they will be implemented throughout the University. 

Interim Staff Flexible Work Policy FAQ

How is remote work defined at SLU?

Remote work is a work arrangement in which some or all the employee's work is performed from home or another alternative worksite location. Employees may be permitted to work remotely if their job duties can be performed without disrupting University and unit operations and they have appropriate University approval as documented on the Interim Staff Flexible Work Policy Agreement

Who does the new interim policy apply to?

The policy applies to all regular full-time and part-time staff working at Saint Louis University who are not specifically excluded from the policy hereinafter. This policy does not apply to faculty, employees in a collective bargaining agreement unit, housestaff and employees on the Madrid campus.

What conditions must be met that would allow an employee to work from home?

Generally, the following conditions must be met to approve an employee for remote work:

  1. The employee has no active formal disciplinary actions on file for the current or immediately preceding review period.
  2. The employee has a demonstrated ability to work productively on his/her own and is self-motivated and flexible.
  3. The employee received at least a "Meets Expectations" evaluation in the previous performance evaluation cycle.
  4. The employee has provided confirmation that the alternate work location is in a location that has the space and electrical/utility access necessary for the job requirements and meets University suggested guidelines related to workspaces. (Additional information is provided below.)
  5. The remote work eligibility decision is evaluated on appropriate, fair, consistent and equitable factors.
How do I request a flexible work arrangement?

Any regular recurring flexible work arrangements must be documented in the Interim Staff Flexible Work Agreement, which establishes the specific conditions that apply to the employee working any flexible work arrangement. The agreement must be completed and signed by the employee, the employee's supervisor, and the applicable Dean or Vice President prior to the employee beginning a flexible work arrangement. All Agreements are subject to review at 30, 60, and 90 days.

Interim Staff Flexible Work Agreement 

If I occasionally need to work from home, do I need to complete the Interim Staff Flexible Work Agreement?

Occasional, intermittent, infrequent remote work arrangements are permitted under the interim policy. Such arrangements require supervisor approval but do not require completion of a flexible work arrangement agreement.

Are the job expectations for employees working from home different than they were when working on campus?

No. An employee's performance expectations remain the same in any flexible work arrangement (whether it entails remote work, a flexible schedule or both), as the expectations would be if working a standard work schedule on campus. Employees allowed to work a flexible work arrangement are expected to perform the same duties, obligations, and responsibilities as any other employee. All remote working employees perform the same work that they would on-site. An employee's classification, compensation, and benefits will not change on the basis that the employee is approved for remote work. 

Do remote employees have to work if the University closes for inclement weather or an emergency?

In the event of a University closure due to an emergency or inclement weather, employees approved for remote work arrangements will be expected to work at the remote site. In the event the employee wishes to use paid time off in such an instance, the employee should follow the University's standard procedures for requesting a vacation day.

What are flexible work schedules?

Flexible work schedules allow an employee and department to establish agreed upon modifications to regularly scheduled work hours in a way that meets both the operational needs of a department and the personal needs of the employee. A flexible work schedule may be applicable for on-campus and remote work.

Is SLU planning to move forward with a permanent flexible work policy?

The interim flexible work policy and guidance will be evaluated during the fall and spring semesters with the goal of implementing a permanent policy next year.