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Human Resources Information

Employees are essential to Saint Louis University’s operations. As announced June 28, non-clinical staff is expected to return to campus by Aug. 2, 2021. Staff and faculty who need to be on campus to prepare for the start of the fall term (as they would have pre-pandemic) may begin returning immediately.

Read the June 29 Message on Return to Work

Work from Home Extensions

COVID-19-related conditions may continue to influence the ability of some SLU employees to meet the Aug. 2 timeline (either fully or partially):

 COVID-19-Influenced Personal Medical Conditions

Employees with COVID-19 influenced personal medical conditions may need to request alternative work arrangements through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation process.

An ADA request may be submitted by selecting the “Request” icon on the Workday home page. In addition, the employee must have their physician complete the ADA Medical Certification form found here. The form will be returned to the employee’s Human Resources consultant who will discuss the accommodation request with the employee and employee’s supervisor and determine if a reasonable accommodation can be made.

It is important to note that personal medical information will not be shared by HR with that employee’s supervisor.

Short-term (Through September 7) COVID-19-Influenced Family/Household Member Care Responsibilities

 Individual-specific extensions for working remotely may be appropriate for those who have COVID-19 influenced family/household member care responsibilities. We encourage all supervisors to consider granting extensions of remote working arrangements for one-to-five weeks.

If you believe your circumstances justify an extension, please work directly with your supervisor.

Such extensions may be appropriate if: 

  • The employee’s work can be adequately accomplished remotely in the short term (through Sept. 7) without significant disruption or negative impact on their colleagues and/or students.

  • The situation aligns with any other expectations for return to campus established by the division leader (e.g., vice president, provost).

Note: As we prepare to welcome residential students to campus in mid-August, some staff/faculty need to be on campus for student-/family-facing events and activities that may not allow for remote work.

Future Work from Home Flexibility 

Over the summer, Human Resources will engage in a consultative process with key leaders and stakeholders, including FSEC, SAC, VPs, deans and directors from across the University, to develop an interim remote work policy that will apply to the fall 2021 semester. Additional information on the interim policy, as well as appropriate training for supervisors and division leaders, is expected to be shared by mid-August.

During the fall semester, using the interim policy and lessons learned during the pandemic as starting points, SLU plans to develop a permanent remote work policy.

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COVID-19 Related Reporting

SLU has established the Office of Employee Health as a central point of contact for all employees across the entire University who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive.  All faculty, staff, clinicians, residents and fellows must contact the Office of Employee Health if:

  • Exhibiting signs of COVID-19
  • Exposed to COVID-19
  • Under self-isolation due to a confirmed exposure 

SLUCare and School of Medicine: SLUCare and School of Medicine employees should also notify their supervisor and department. Such notifications do not alleviate the requirement of notifying Employee Health. As stated above, this requirement also applies to our residents and fellows. 

Employee Health

As a central point of contact, Employee Health gives our entire community access to a consistent source of information, guidance on handling COVID-19 related exposures and reporting. Employee Health will assist you with:

  • Reporting an exposure or symptoms you are experiencing
  • Asking questions related to recent travel or family members’ travel
  • Receiving quarantine status updates
  • Providing a release to return to work after quarantine 

We have added staff within Employee Health to handle your calls and emails. It is our intent to provide our University community with the best information available on this challenging health situation and to take all steps necessary to ensure we maintain a safe workplace.  

The Office of Employee Health can be reached by telephone Monday through Friday at 314-257-8400 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also contact Employee Health any time via email at

Learn More About SLU Employee Health

Mental Health Resources

The University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has provided COVID-19 specific resources within their online portal, which include a recorded webinar, health and safety resources, recorded relaxation break, and resiliency resources.  EAP continues to provide employees and their families access to professional licensed counselors, too. Confidential professional counseling is provided through ComPsych at no personal cost for staff and their families. Call 800-859-9319 to make an appointment or visit for more information. To register online, please use the Company ID slueap and create your own username and password.


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