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Saint Louis University Year-End Requisitioning Procedure

Process Saint Louis University purchase requisitions to the appropriate fiscal year. Expenses must be recorded in the fiscal year in which the goods or services are received, regardless of the date of the actual payment or issuance of purchase order.

The Workday invoice date determines the fiscal year to which the transaction is recorded.

Purchase Requisitions

If you anticipate receiving goods/services by June 30, 2021, you may create a standard purchase requisition and leave the requisition’s default request date at the day the purchase requisition is created. The Workday invoice date determines the fiscal year to which the expense is recorded. 

Standard purchase requisitions for goods/services to be delivered July 1 or later, can be initiated on June 14. FY22 standard purchase requisitions must have a requisition request date of 7/1/21 or later. Users must change the requisition request date to 7/1/21 for the transaction to be recorded in FY22. FY22 requisitions will be held for final approval until 7/1/21.

For FY22 standard purchase requisitions where the supplier requires a PO in June to ensure delivery in early July, note that in the memo field and do not change the purchase requisition request date to 7/1/2021. 

FY22 standard purchase requisitions will be approved and purchase orders issued to suppliers on July 1. 

Please also see the fiscal year end processing checklist, the fiscal year end calendars for June and July, and requisitioning procedures for fiscal year end. 

Observe due dates on calendars when submitting documents for processing.

Blanket Orders

Effective June 14, 2021, users can initiate FY22 blanket orders in Workday (non-catalogs and supplier contracts). To ensure that your blanket orders are reviewed in a timely manner and will be available for use on July 1, it is important to follow the specific date requirements referenced in the blanket order job aids:

There are two options in Workday for blanket orders: non-catalog blanket orders and supplier contracts. 

Non-Catalog Blanket Orders

For non-catalog blanket orders, select “non-catalog blanket order - PO does not issue to supplier” as the requisition type. Complete these important fields as follows:

  • Item Description: Enter a description for the blanket order in the item description field, including Cost Center / Supplier Name / Fiscal Year. Sample text: FY22 Z220 VWR Blanket Order
  • Description: Add any applicable account numbers with the supplier in the description field of your blanket order.
  • Memo: Reference the previous FY blanket order number. If a previous fiscal year PO is not available, indicate so by including N/A or No prior year blanket PO in this field.
  • Start Date/End Date: Fiscal year dates (e.g. 07/01/2021 – 06/30/2022) - unless a grant applies, in which case, you would use the end date of the grant.
  • Request Date: Change the request date to be 07/01/2022, the beginning date of the fiscal year that it applies to.

To copy a non-catalog blanket order, reference the instructions on page two of this job aid:

Related Actions for Procurement Transactions (PDF)

This will copy information from the purchase requisition into your shopping cart. The following information can be updated, if necessary:

  • The description and dollar amount can be updated before selecting checkout.
  • On the checkout page, change the request date to 7/1/21, change requisition type if necessary (non-catalog blanket orders should use the new “non-catalog blanket order - PO not issued to supplier” requisition type).
  • Change start and end dates in service line.
  • Update any applicable worktags or other fields.
  • The purchasing questionnaire/justification does not copy to the new requisition, so completion will be required for requisitions over $10,000.

FY22 non-catalog blanket orders will have final approval on July 1. FY22 non-catalog blanket orders will not issue to suppliers once approved. 

Supplier Contracts

For supplier contracts, complete these important fields as follows:

  • Contract Name: Enter the Cost Center (Dxxx), Supplier Name and the fiscal year. Sample Text: D060 Staples FY22. Add a unique identifier if multiple blanket orders will be issued to this vendor in your cost center.
  • Contract Reference: Previous fiscal year’s supplier contract number.
  • Start Date/End Date: Fiscal year dates (e.g. 07/01/2021 – 06/30/2022) - unless a grant applies, in which case, you would use the end date of the grant.

*** Do not enter start/end dates into the goods line. Workday will not allow these fields to have dates in them.

To copy a supplier contract, reference the instructions on Page 8 of this job aid:

Related Actions for Procurement Transactions (PDF)

This will copy information to a new supplier contract. The following fields can then be updated:

  • New contract name required
  • Contract reference – previous supplier contract number
  • Supplier contract start/end dates 
  • Original contract amount 
  • Goods line extended amount - update if contract amount above was updated
  •  The purchasing questionnaire/justification does not copy to the new supplier contract, so completion will be required for supplier contracts over $10,000.

FY22 supplier contracts (blanket orders for punchout suppliers) may be approved in advance of July 1. Supplier contracts do not issue to suppliers.

Increase FY21 Blanket Orders

Buyers must increase their blanket orders if they anticipate additional expenses over the FY21 blanket order remaining balance. All increases to FY21 Non-Catalog Blanket orders should be entered by 5 p.m. on Monday, June 21.

For invoices received against FY21 blanket orders with insufficient balances or for FY21 blanket order invoices with a July date (both for goods received as of June 30, 2021), a Retrofit Purchase Order is required. FY21 retrofit purchase orders must be submitted in Workday by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 6.

This blanket order training session recording can be referenced for additional guidance on creating FY22 blanket orders or increasing FY21 blanket orders.


Orders of $250 or greater require receipt in Workday. Buyers need to stay current with FY21 and FY22 receiving for orders $250 or greater. The receiving deadline for FY21 purchase orders is June 30, 2021. Accounts Payable reviews reports for orders received and not invoiced and orders invoiced and not received, and will follow up as necessary.