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Saint Louis University Year-End Requisitioning Procedure

To ensure that new year purchase orders are available for use by July 1, purchase requisitions may now be processed against the new fiscal year. During the month of June, requisitions may be processed against either FY18 or FY19.

Effective June 11, Billiken Buy will be available for the processing of new year requisitions. 

The Banner transactiond date determines the fiscal year to which the requisition is recorded. The transaction date is determined by the valid from date for Billiken Buy blanket orders and by the financial year indicator for Billiken Buy standard and retrofit orders.

The financial year indicator defaults to FY18 in June and should not be changed unless the user is creating a new fiscal year requisition. For goods or services to be delivered by June 30, 2018, let the financial year indicator default to FY18. For FY19 blanket orders and other orders to be delivered on or after July 1, 2018, change the financial year indicator to FY19. In addition, for FY19 blanket orders, enter a valid from date of  July 1, 2018,  and a valid to date of June 30, 2019. 

Note that the commitment offices will disapprove requisitions created in the incorrect fiscal year or requisitions that have incorrect or incomplete information. If the requisition is declined, buyers will need to copy the requisition and resubmit.

The commitment offices and business services will hold FY19 blanket and standard orders and approve on or around June 29. The PO's will be generated to the supplier upon final approval.

Purchase Requisitions

To create purchase requisitions for goods/services to be delivered by June 30, 2018:

Order type Valid from date to Valid to date Financial year indicator
Standard (including retrofit) N/A Fiscal year 2018
Blanket for "3" fund with start date prior to July 1 Current date to grant end date Fiscal year 2018
Release orders on blankets* N/A Fiscal year 2018

*Release orders against FY18 blanket orders cannot be processed after June 30. A standard retrofit order with financial year indicator of 2018 needs to be entered.

To create purchase requisitions for goods or services to be delivered July 1, 2018 or later:

Order type Valid from date to Valid to date Financial year indicator
Blanket July 1 to June 30 Fiscal year 2019
Standard (including retrofit) N/A Fiscal year 2019
Blanket for "3" fund with start date prior to July 1 or later July 1 to grant end date Fiscal year 2019
Release orders on blankets N/A Fiscal year 2019


Blanket orders created in the incorrect fiscal year will be disapproved by the commitment office. Buyers will need to copy the requisition and then resubmit. Standard orders created in the incorrect fiscal year can be corrected by the approver.

Please also see the fiscal year end processing checklist, the fiscal year end calendars for June and July, requisitioning procedures for fiscal year end, and requisition copy instructions. Observe due dates on calendars when submitting documents for processing.

Blanket Orders

The create blanket order role is available to buyers in Billiken Buy. Key blanket order fields are as follows:

  • Name: Enter text identifying the fiscal year (for non-grant 3xxxxx funds), that this is a blanket order, Banner fund number (this may be helpful if your department has multiple blankets with the same vendor) and nature of the purchase. For example, FY19 Blanket Order Office Supplies, FY19 Blanket 2XXXXX Office Supplies or Blanket 3XXXXX Office Supplies.
  • Description: Reference the previous FY blanket order number and any applicable account numbers with the vendor in the description field. If a previous fiscal year PO is not available, indicate so by including "N/A" or "No prior year SO" in this field.
  • Valid From/To: The Valid From date determines the fiscal year to which the transaction (purchase order) is recorded in Banner.
  • FY19 Blanket Orders: Valid from date should be July 1, 2018,  and the Valid To date June 30, 2019.
  • Grant FY19 Blanket Orders: Valid From date should be 7/1/2018 and the Valid To date the end date of the grant (can  extend end date of the blanket in the future, if necessary).
  • Financial Year: Defaults to Fiscal Year 2018 in June. Change to Fiscal Year 2019; the financial year will default to FY19 effective June 25.
  • Available To: enter Billiken Buy users who are authorized to create release orders or approve invoices against the blanket order. For catalog vendors, include all buyers who will designate releases against the blanket order. For non-catalog vendors, include all users who will review and approve invoices against the blanket.
  • Send to Supplier: system default is no; check the box if the supplier requires a copy of the blanket order.
  • Hide Amount from Supplier: System default is yes; uncheck the box to make the information available to the supplier.
  • Alert Amount/Alert Date: Enter the amount and date when the creator of blanket order will be alerted that action is required.
  • Justification: If the blanket order is bid or sole-source applicable, enter any applicable sole sources electronically into the justification type field and bids as justification attachments. When you copy a FY18 PO or blanket PO, the justification attachments (bids) and sole source information will also copy. Update any bids or sole source to make sure the information is current and make sure the fiscal year is changed to FY19.
  • Org Unit: Should agree with the FOAPAL organization.

The create blanket order screen does not have a field for delivery notes. Delivery notes can be entered on the individual release orders.

You can copy a blanket order if you are the buyer. The copy feature is also available to all buyers in the same organizational unit as the blanket order. The valid from and valid to dates will need to be re-entered. Select the correct financial year.

FY19 Standard Orders

For FY19 non-blanket purchases where the order needs to be placed in June to ensure delivery in early July, change the financial year field to fiscal year 19.

The financial year field determines the fiscal year to which the purchase order is recorded. This feature is for requisitions entered in June where the goods are to be delivered July 1 or later. The purchase order will be established in the new fiscal year.

The financial year field defaults to fiscal year 2018 in the month of June. Select fiscal year 2018 for standard orders where delivery is expected by June 30, 2018. Select fiscal year 2019 for standard orders where delivery is expected July 1, 2018, or later.

Increase FY18 Blanket Orders

Buyers must increase their blanket orders by June 22, 2018, if they anticipate additional expenses over the FY18 blanket order remaining balance. A standard retrofit order will need to be entered if the blanket PO does not have sufficient balance.


Enter the actual date received for orders $250 or greater or those set for manual receiving. Accounts Payable reviews reports for orders received and not invoiced and orders invoiced and not received, and will follow up as necessary.

Transaction History

Billiken Buy transactions are bommodity level. Users authorized to view fund activity in Banner and Cognos will see each I" invoice line item on the Operating Ledger Query in BSS or the Cognos BUSFM003 Report of Transactions.

To see the blanket PO number for invoice transactions in Cognos, select Cognos BUSFM003 Report of Transactions - Excel. Under additional parameters choose report type Blanket PO. Enter other parameters as usual and click run report. The blanket and release PO number for each invoice transaction will display in column L. The release PO number will also display in column K.

Transactions roll up by IU invoice number (discount, if applicable, appears as second line item) if the user runs the Cognos BUSFM003 Report of Transactions - Excel and selects Blanket PO Summary under the Report Type parameter.